Off topic: Water ionization

Anyone have any experience with a water ionization machine?
i'm not sure how water ionization relates to audio; but i manage a large Honda Auto Dealership. we use 'de-ionized' water for washing cars in our mechanical car wash and also for a wash truck we use for washing used cars.

i have never heard of 'ionizing' water.

de-ionized water is used to rinse the cars as it does not leave water spots. it is illegal to use soap to wash cars unless you use an oil/water separator. so all the inventory on the lot is 'power rinsed' with de-ionized water. we've been using this method for 10 years. it works.

we have a machine which de-ionizes the water and a large storage tank.
Mike, Water ionizers, as applied to the health industry, involves a device that sits on the counter like a water filtering system. It purpose is to raise the PH level of drinking water. The theory being that the less acid there is in drinking water, the better it is for your health. I just figured that some audiophle might have some experience with their use. If anyone googles Water ionizer, you can get get info about them. Probably a little off topic for this forum.
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