...off on an adventure...

Hello to all...

Have one dead speaker ( no idea exactly what’s wrong - except the flame and puff of smoke that came out of it as it stopped working indicated not a minor problem), parts not available from manufacturer (too old) and don’t have $$$ for investigating new adapted parts for 2 speakers; SO -

I’m off on an adventure to do a mono setup.

Can I take a CD player, pass it into a mono amp and run this thru to the still-working speaker?

(Hand holding would be appreciated) Was thinking of trying to find an old cabinet setup ( like a Grundig, probably tubes )
disect it and go from there... Unless I can find a true modern mono amp.

🤔Help - Ideas - Rescue or 😱 Dissuading appreciated...

Unless you were playing very loud at the time and fried a voice coil then most likely the smoke was a crossover component. A crossover is a really simple circuit, just three parts: a coil of wire called an inductor, a resistor, and a cap. The coil filters high frequencies out from the woofer, the cap filters low frequencies out from the tweeter, and the resistor is used to adjust the volume or level of the different drivers.

The inductor being just a coil will last forever. Power resistors also tend to last forever. This leaves the cap. Some of them do have a shelf life, and probably yours.

The good news is the electrical value is printed right on the cap. All you have to do is remove the woofer, or get inside there however you can, and have a look at the crossover. There you will see charred evidence of what happened. If it is a cap (or resistor) you look at the value, write it down, drive on over to your local electronics supply store, buy a new one, and for a buck or so you have a good as new speaker.

Again, unless you fried a driver blasting super loud this is a totally fixable situation. And for cheap.

Mono is too easy, and you wanted an adventure, remember?

... Volume was way up... Bumped into a switch that changed CD/DAC input on interconnects to optical line into DAC in integrated amp. Integrated being repaired (saw smoke from the back of the int). Big bass note went "BLAT" and sent me heading down this path...
Thanks for your recommendations - will follow your "path"...