Off center stylus - Does this affect sonics ??????

Purchased a new Lyra Lydian Beta cartridge and mounted it on a new Rega P-25 table. The stylus rides off center in the needle cradle. Even when the arm is in a stationary position. The stylus sits off center and doesn't change when lowered onto vinyl. I've noticed that the needle does move from left to right freely. I'm concerned that this may affect sonics. However I don't know how it would sound if it were riding in a center position. I don't see any information in the manual on adjustments either. What do you think?
I don't even want to think about this. If you mean that the stylus cantilever is not parallel to the sides of the cartridge body, how do you align the cartridge? Did you install at a slight angle so that the cantilever, but not the body of the cartridge, is parallel to the little lines on whatever protractor you use?

To the extent that the offcenteredness affects the alignment of the stylus relative to the record you are playing, yes it will affect sonics, and maybe damage your records.
Paulwp is right on the money. Get that thing out of your arm and talk to your dealer if it is brand new. I'm sure that they will try to tell you that you damaged the cartridge, so be prepared for an up-hill battle. Sean
Paulwp thanks for the response. I mounted the cartridge using the protractor supplied by Rega. I made sure that the cantilever was parallel to the lines on the protractor. The cartridge isn't square in the headshell. The stylus/needle is off center in the cantilever housing. It just doesn't look right..............
YW. It seems you did the right thing under the circumstances, but cantilevers are usually tapered, so it must be very difficult to align. But there's more. Without seeing it in person I would be a little worried about it leaning a little one way or the other and about a potential affect on compliance and the tracking and tracing performance of the cartridge in general. The cartridge is not designed to be put into use in that condition, so I'd follow Sean's advice and take it back. If they are unwilling to take it back, do they have a serious test lp to use with an oscilliscope?

For what it's worth, as a former dealer and user-most Grados are off centered. When I brought it to Joe Grados attention, he said "no big deal". Oh well.
I appreciate all the responses. I bought the unit new in a sealed box from a fellow member. I've brought it to his attention and he is going to check with the importer. We shall see what becomes of it after that. I certainly hope that this issue is handled in a professional manner too. I have removed it and I'm waiting for a response from the seller..........
If the cantilever / stylus is off-center, i would not expect optimum reproduction. However, I would expect a higher noise floor, less than optimum stereo imaging, excessive disc wear, etc... Any company that knowingly ships out cartridges with this problem obviously lacks quality control and should be avoided like the plague. Sean
If the stylus is not riding "straight", as it were, the cantilever itself is bent or the assembly to which it affixed is out of alignment. I have had experience with this on two occasions. Once associated with the former condition, a long time ago with a Grado, once more recently, associated with the latter, with a Dynavector. In either case, there is a problem and, hopefully, you can seek remedy from your dealer. If you bought it new, a reputable dealer should assist you in obtaining a replacement.