Off center (not bent!) stylus?

Relative newbie here - just looking for some thoughts / experiences from all you resident experts. 

I have been buying used carts for my vintage setup exclusively. It certainly seems like every stylus is not perfectly parallel with the cantilever and always seems to lean ever so slightly to one side or another. Seems like new ones can be like this too. So I assume a bit of a lean is normal / not an issue.

My question is, is there a limit to this? Can a more extremely off center stylus cause problems in sound quality / record damage? Could it be a sign that the stylus / cantilever assembly is about to fail? Or is it more a matter of if you don’t hear anything wrong don’t sweat it.

Here are some pics of what I’m talking about:

Again I don’t see any visible bend or kink in the stylus. The stylus itself is straight but i comes out of the cantilever at an angle. 

Any experiences (positive, negative or neutral) with this? 

Thanks in advance!

They aren't the same as the original. Peter did re-do my Airtight Supreme without changing the cantilever, but sticking a fresh stylus tip in the factory cantilever, but even that may change the sound. (I have not mounted it since it came back, it's sealed up in an airtight container). 
Nonetheless, there are people who would say, for $XXX, I've still got a great cartridge at a fraction of the cost of what most high end cartridges cost today- which in my estimation is nutty money (though I use them and with one Koetsu, sent it back to the factory, which isn't cheap). 
As to this Pickering, I haven't a clue. You'll probably spend more on a retip than you did on the cartridge in this case, I'm guessing. And there will be a wait. 
Sorry my eyes may be funny but in second shot tracking angle would not be ok, seems to be low, is that normal for this cartridge? 

If any cantilever of mine looked like that I would send it to Peter Lederman for an inspection.
Throw the damned thing out.....
Regardless as to why, that cantilever is tweaked. Off center and slightly rotated. I’m with the others unfortunately, fix it or ditch it.