Of the B&W Signature 805 and the new 804S

Which are more suitable for me of the B&W Signature 805 and the new 804S? I own the Classe CP-50,CA-200 and the Arcam 23T. My room size is 14' x 18' x 10'. I listen to symphony,orchestral,concerto,chamber music,rock,jazz and pop mostly. My budget for speakers is used $3.6K.
I've had both in my room. The signatures I owned twice, and the 804S's I had in my room for about two weeks. Your pre and power amp is suitable for both speakers. It really depends on what kind of sound you like. The bass from the 804S is pretty impressive, but the thing about the signatures is that the bass they provide is very accurate and clean, albeit, not as much as the 804S's. I prefer the look of the sig, and I personally feel they image better than the 804S.

Again, it's really a matter of personal taste. You will be able to pick up a pair of signatures with stands for less than the 804S. The 805S is almost as good as the signature (I've owned those as well). It's cheaper, but you don't get the nice finish. If you can live without it, and are considering the sig 805, I'd look give a listen to the 805S..
S7horton , What do you mean the 805S almost as good as the signature?? All reviews said the new 805S are better than the signature .We don't talk about the finishing ,only the sound !!!
You might want to try the B&W Silver Signature's, the grandfather of the 805S.

Joyjoycn, you may not talk about the finish, but I do. I'm not going to spend that kind of money and not have a decent finsh. Reviewers can say what they want, I've had both in my room. I know which I prefered.

The 805Sigs are a collector item in my opinion.
If you're into good looks, good sound and good re-sale, this is my choice.
S7horton,Joyjoycn and Krell_man,thanks a lot for your inputs. Happy Listening!
Krell_man,are the B&W Silver Signature 25 better than the Signature 805? Are they powered successfully by my Classe CP-50 and CA-200? Can they be used successfully in my room size?
The B&W Silver Sig 25 are a MUCH better speaker than the Sig 805s. One of the few honestly high-end products that B&W has ever released.
Goatwuss,thanks for input. Best Regards.
They (Silver Signatures) sound great with good imaging and amazing dynamics. Compared to the newer Sig's, the match up very well. It's different sound, not bad, but different from the newer series.

The Sig 805 has a tighter sound especially in the lower end. But the Silver Sig is more dynamic.

Take these quotes anyway you want them, they are from a B&W Tech Support rep.