of Receptables for Dedicated Circuit

I'd like to put in two dedicated circuits, one 20 amp for my amplifiers and possibly subwoofer and a 15 amp for my other a/v equipment including CD player, preamp, prepro, projector etc.

I've read a bunch of threads here on dedicated circuits, but I'm still confused about this: Am I only supposed to put one receptacle per dedicated circuit? This would limit me to being able to plug in only two pieces of equipment per dedicated cirucuit unless I plug in a power conditioner. Or can I have several receptacles per dedicated circuits? The electrician is coming next week so I need to be able to tell him what I want.

Thanks for your help!
Optimal installation is one duplex receptacle per dedicated circuit. It is optimal because the only connection points resulting are where the cable originates at your circuit panel and where it terminates at the duplex outlet. Anytime you add a connection, you add the potential for introducing distortion and noise across that connection. (Of course, this assumes a single pull of wire from the circuit panel with no breaks or splices.)

Good luck with the installation!
"What I want" yup! what YOU WANT!!!
come on, do what YOU WANT.. you can do four in a gang. or even six in a gang and it is gonna be great.
Tell the guy to hardwire the sockets from the same wire. (Do not cut the original wire, wrap it from one to the next to the next. Best...
The advice from experts who just theorize is vapor. Do what YOU need to do for your practical application.
The difference for you doing it with a gang of four for the 20amp and a gang of six for the 15 amp is gonna be great, Instead of doing the 'official' (bull$hit) advice where you paid a bundle for some stuff and don't get what you need.