OEM Automobile Systems - How do you rate them?

I am sure that everyone is aware of some of the brand-name audio systems that are coming in new cars these days. I am interested to see how your trained ears rate of the OEM systems out there...that you have heard. Here are some examples of Auto manufacturers and the brand name audio system they use:

Lexus: Mark Levinson (My favorite)
Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti, Audi, Chevy, etc: Bose
Chrysler: Infinity and Boston Acoustics
Mercedes: Used to be Bose, now Harman Kardon
BMW: Harman Kardon
Toyota: JBL

I also know that there are some Alpine OEM systems out there but can't remember offhand who (Ferrari?)

I don't want to turn this into a cost vs quality comparison as I think we all know that you can take the money you would put into purchasing an OEM brand name system and put a lot nicer audio system into your car. I just want to hear your opinions on the OEM systems for what problems still linger (Bose, etc).
My Mercedes Bose CD changer (cost $995) broke after 14 months. Dealer said unfixable,uncovered by any warentee after a year, and that no other unit would work in the fiber optic system. Luckily my local electronic guru fixed for $100. BTW the sound is adequate at best.
My Dad's Lexus with the Mark Levinson would be my favorite factory system.
My aftermarket 12 disc touchscreen old Eclipse system in my Toyota truck was awesome! But that system cost $$$$$$
My old Audi's Upgraded Bose system was BOOM BOOM BOOM but was still musical once you cut the treble -2 and -4 on the bass.
My current Honda Element OEM system SUCKS!!! but I would rather spend the $$$ on my home system.
FWIW, the Infinity system in the Chrysler is actual a Delco with the Infinity named slapped on the front..
The new Ford GT supercar: McIntosh

I own a Volkswagen GTI: Monsoon system sounds boomy but with the tone controls in action, it isn't too bad.
The DVD-Audio system in the Acura TL... Incredible (for a car system).

Don't own it, but spent about 45 minutes in a showroom listening to and was VERY impressed.
I should say that I currently own a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder with the Bose system. It was standard with the model I bought so I can't complain for the price and it sounds ALOT better than the base system that was available that year. I have heard the Mark Levinson systems in a Lexus and it did blow mine away, but I consider mine a low end Bose system (six speakers - four mid/bass, two tweeters). I know that their are some "higher-end" Bose systems (Cadillac STS, Infiniti M, others?) where they did the personalized surround sound that I haven't heard yet (hard to audition new car stereos from Afghanistan), but it seems to me to be an interesting concept.

I have also owned a Mistubishi 3000GT with a great Infinity sound system...nice and loud...of course I was just out of college and that was what I wanted in a system, and also drove a Plymouth Minivan with Infinity sound system (poor college folk) that sounded great at the time.

About myself:
I consider myself a low grade audiophile as far as my ear. I love sound...Movies are what I am really into. I currently have a Bose HT using the Acoustimass 10 Series III and Denon 3200 receiver mostly due to the size of my living room (my house is in Hawaii), but am looking at upgrading (I REALLY like what I am seeing out of the M&K S150 THX). My previous HT was using the Bose 10.2 Series II that I thought better portrayed the full range of the sounds, but they were TOO BIG for my room. I still have them as they got me through college very nicely, but they won't be playing anywhere soon...before you get too up on my Bose systems, I bought all of my Bose from Pawn shops or deep discounts except for the Acoustimass 10 I currently own, but I stand by it's purchase due to the limited space in my current room.

Sorry, got off on a tangent...

This is more pondering the next level of OEM car stereos that seem to be out there (THX, Dolby surround sound, etc). How are they rating with your more refined ears?
Because of my job I've had the chance to review most of the automobile "audiophile systems", sonically and from the engineering view point as in how could I make this work in car XYZ.

The Levinson's in the Lexus line are closer to what you would expect out of your home two channel system as far as presentation goes (nobody is singing from behind your head and there is actually a center image).

I've worked very closely on the Ford GT McIntosh system (I was the interior trim engineer on that car) and its a greatly compromised system, we added it in as an option too late into the development cycle.

The Lexicon system in the BMW 7 is about as good as I've seen technically for a car environment and heard in an OEM vehicle audio system...still exceeded by the custom guys though. The car is also whisper quiet which helps.

Bose...yes its technically good stuff as far as OEM automobiles are concerned but I have to classify that into the boom-tizz category.

The OEM audio systems going into cars are simply to restricted to allow for ideal audio performance. For what they are, background type commuter music they are great.

Sadly, most audio companies treat systems going into an OEM vehicle as marketing and brand recognition exercises...do not expect things to carry over from "home" stereos into "car" stereos, there is very little in common other than the nameplates.
The Mach 1000 system in my 04 Mustang GT is pretty damn impressive for a factory system. 4 tweeters, 4 midrange, 2 woofers and subwoofers, each with thier own outboard amplifier with 6 disk in dash changer. Definatly one of the better Factory systems out there.

As far as factory systems go i havent heared one yet that compares, then again, i havent heared the systems in the high end (70k+) cars either.

My roomate has a 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi with the infinity sound system, which is pretty good but still not as good as the Mach 1000 system

Personally, im my view no factory system comes close in quality to a well done aftermarket system. Im not talking about just BOOM BOOM either, i mean clarity, detail, and the ability to hit any frequency with ease.

If you want high refined quality audio in your car, dont bother with any of the mid level factory systems (bose, shaker, mach, infinity, etc) instead go to a reputable car audio place and talk to the kids there and tell them what you want.

See if you can find a place with some Class-5 installers. These guys are usually just as knowledgeable about car systems as an audiophile is about home systems, and thier audio goals are not much different than an audiophiles. Im sure thier car's go boom, but i bet the detail and clarity they achieve would put ANY factory system to shame.

Most installers are serious about sound systems and would jump at an opportunity to work and install a true high end car audio system. Im sure they would love the challange and welcome the idea of working on system that is not one of the normal crunchy bass systems that 90% of thier install clients seek.