Odyssey vs. Bryston

Has anyone compared the Odyssey Stratos to the Bryston 4B? If so, what were your thoughts on the two and which would you pick. Both come with 20 year warrantee but I have to think Bryston would win in that area "hands down".

I haven't listened to a Bryston in a long time, but chose some Audio Research amps over a Bryston several years ago. I replaced my AR amps with the Odyssey monoblocks (last year), and they were a significant improvement over my previous amps (both solid state and tube). Also, keep in mind that the Stratos is derived from the design of the Symphonic Line RG1...which has been continually improved over many years of design. Thus the Odyssey has a very strong pedigree indeed. Several fellow audiophools have been extremely impressed with the build quality of the Stratos, and their sound...especially for the amazing price. It makes me feel that other manufacture's are considerably over-priced (by comparison), and we are not getting our hard-earned dollars worth.
There is a review of the Odyssey in this month's TAS. You may want to check it out.
Odyssey all the way......
To those of you who are considering an Odyssey Amp, they are having a special sale now! Odyssey is going to make a cosmetic change so they are selling their present stock at $600 per amp. For $1200 you have 300 watt monoblocks. I just bought 2 because this is a great deal and I wasn't even looking for a second system. Just thought you guys and gals would like to know.
The "deal" posted by Liguy is NOT our authorized product. Based on the history infringements of our trade name and the existence of unauthorized copies of our products, chances are that these are the few remaining ODL amplifiers, which at one point were called "Odyssey" before ODL changed their name after receiving a cease and desist. Note: obviously, we can't warrant any ODL products, and due to the void of Symphonic Line's expertise, these amps are quite different in the midrange. Make no mistake about it.
Furthermore do I want to make people aware of the fact that a third party received legal court judgement against ODl in the amount of over 1 Million US $ !!! Again, we won't be able to service any of these units under any kind of warranty in the future.

Klaus Bunge