Odyssey to drive B W 801 III ?????

Is there anyone have used Stratos to drive this speakers or other hard-to-drive speakers. Your input is trully appreciated, thanks.
I'm driving Aerial 10T's (with mono's), and 7B's with (3-channel). Absolutely no problems driving either. However, I would suggest you call Klaus (317)299-5578 and ask him directly. He'll be most happy to answer any questions that you may have. Plus, he has had years of experience, with matching his electronics to other components or speakers. I can't say enough good things about my amps or buying experiences. Good luck!
I drive SoundLab Auras with the Stratos monos, with no problems and plenty of volume. Klaus and the Odysseys have been great.
I have 801 Matrix III's that I am driving with a Levinson No. 332. Sound is great with this combo. Great detail, BIG soundstage and great imaging. I can't help much with the Odyssey question, but I can say that you need to drive the 801 with LOTS and LOTS of current to get them to come alive. Good Luck, Doug
I use a pair of Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks to drive a pair of Infinity Kappa 9's. No problems whatsoever. The Kappa's never sounded so good. Give Klaus a call. He is a very honest man.
I've used the stratos monos with both the verity parsifal/encore and the maggie 3.5. No problems with either speaker and a particularly happy match with the verity.
I have the Odyssey Stratos stereo with Harbeth HL C7's ES and I have to pay attention to volume knob or sameday I 'll find my two woofers stamped on the front wall.
Trust us , you won't have any problem also with the stereo , with two Stratos monoblocks you 'll join audio-heaven directly.
I just received my Odyssey Stratus and it drives my Hales
Trancendence 5's just great! Plenty of power and very
clean. I can't believe there's a speaker made that this
amp won't handle. Good job Klaus!