odyssey stratos

I have martil logan sequel II speakers . Has anyone used the odyssey amps .what the results .I am looking for bass thanks
The Stratos is a slightly dark sounding ss amp (my general preference) which will provide lots of current and bass impact. I haven't heard them with ML Sequels, but I have heard both the amp and speaker separately and this would - in theory - seem like a near perfect match. Of course, you never really know 'til you try.

I recently purchased an Odyssey Stratos with the Extreme SE upgrades and could not be more pleased with how it mates with my Mirage M-3si's. Give Klaus a call as he is not only an excellent business person but also quite enjoyable to just chat with. He will give you honest feedback on whether or not his amps will mate well with the Martin Logans.
I currently have a Stratos DUAL-MONO on my CLSIIa. This amp works VERY WELL with these. The CLSIIa will drop below 1 ohm and this amp NEVER breaks a sweat! Very open sounding and I agree, a little dark.
I enjoyed the Sequel II's for many years. They did so many things right in the midrange - very open and detailed - as you know. I ended up using a sub with satisfying results. I'm not sure a change of amps will get you the extended bass that you're looking for. I may be wrong. I never experimented with different amps - running mine with an ARC D-240 SS.