Odyssey Stratos : what preamp ?


i have trouble deciding which preamp to use with the Stratos. I am interested in the Adcom 750 and the Bryston 25, but was wondering if any Stratos owners out there have any experience to share ?

I love the Stratos, but unfortunately i ma having real trouble driving it directly with a Wadia CDP (static problem). Hence the need for a pre.

I'm using a Rogue 66 with my Odyssey and love the combo..tube with solid state. What does the rest of your system consists of?
I second the Rogue 66 - swapped out a Bryston BP-25 for the Rogue and mated with my 4B-ST (similar to Odyssey somewhat) and the warmth of the tubes really made a difference. I generated a post a month or so ago indicating my observations of the BP-25 versus the Rogue so here it is again in a nutshell - the BP-25 is like a black and white high definition television - extremely accurate in presentation but sterile in feeling, the Rogue on the other hand is like a decent Sony color tv - not as defined but much warmer and IMHO much more pleasant.
I suggest any preamp that is not too vivid. That can mean a tube preamp....maybe one that has a smidge of warmth. The Audio Electronics Supply DJH would kill if you can afford $1200. The Musical Fidelity is great if you want solid state. Classe may work too...as they are controlled sounding, which may be good (we don't sell Classe...but I am talking about this system)

You may want to give more info about budget and need for remote or phono.
Odyssey makes a preamp that I've been told is very good but I've never heard it. They may send out demos, check the website. I have a 3 channel Stratos that I use in my home theater system. I have several times put this amp in my main system which is Simaudio eclipse cd and CAT preamp with Sonus Faber speakers. The Stratos does amazingly well in this rather high end system. The CAT is a tube preamp but it in no way lacks "vividness." It is in fact very detailed and dynamic and is not overly warm. The CAT and Stratos work very well together and that would be my recommendation. There are CAT signatures on audiogon often for very reasonable prices.
Ure right, the description was bit lazy.

Im looking for a solid state that accepts XLR inputs, has remote control.

I would like transparent and precise sound, i am not too keen on the "tube warmth" everyone raves about on this site.

Oh, why didn't you say you needed a Simaudio preamp? These have balanced in/out. There are several P-3's on audiogon for a little over $1,000. The P-5 is better but is more money. I've heard the P-3 with Symphonic Line amplifiers which are the same family as Stratos and it sounded very good. I heard this at Tone Studio in Indianapolis. Mark at 317-297-1044 could tell you more. He is good friends with Klaus who makes Odyssey and distributes them from Indianapolis.
FYI - The Stratos XLR input is not truly balanced. It is just physically jumpered to the RCA inputs.

If you need the noise rejection of balanced cables that's ok, otherwise don't spend extra money for balanced cables.
actually i just need the XLR inputs on the preamp for my CDplayer.