Odyssey Stratos vs Parasound A23?

I'm toying with the idea of changing my power amp. Currently have the Parasound A23 with a Consonance 6SN7 based tube pre. My source is a MacBook,MHDT Stockholm 2 DAC, Audiophileo, and speakers are Gallo Stradas and an M&K sub. I lean toward a warmer sweeter sound and wish I could afford a truly high-end tube amp, but I'm on a beer budget. I love 3D soundstaging and lifelike presentation too.  The Parasound is decent but I've been researching Odyssey products lately and have also become intrigued with a Rogue Cronus Magnum I saw for sale. Anyone have experience with the A23 and the Odyssey Stratos or Cronus? Also open to other suggestions. I listen mostly to jazz, 60s and 70s classic rock and funk, and some classical. 
Thanks for advice! Hoping to spend under $1500 and open to integrateds as well. Could always sell my amp and pre. 
I much preferred the Odyssey Khartago Plus to the Parasound A21, never heard the A23...

I own a Odyssey Stereo Stratos Extreme amp in my main rig and had a Rogue Cronus Magnum in my secondary rig.  In my main rig, the system is worth upwards of 40K and although I have replaced most of the other parts of the system, I feel the amp is more than up to the task.  It is slightly on the warm side of neutral, the highs are extended and very smooth.  The bass goes extremely deep and vocals seem spot on.  I am driving a pair of Golden Ear Triton 1 speakers and previously was using Odyssey Kismet speakers, DeVore Gibbon 8 sperakers, Von Schweikert VR33 speakers and Vandersteen 3A speakers.  Never once have I considered changiing the amp.  I compared it to the Parasound A-21 amp and the Odyssey was much better on my system.  The a-23 is a smaller amp I believe.

I used my Rogue Cronus Magnum amp in my secondary system driving a pair of Golden Ear Triton2 speakers..  It sounded good but not spectacular.  I sold the amp and bought a Parasound Halo Integrated which is essentially a Parasound A23 amp and a Parasound P5 Preamp and in that system, sounds better than the Rogue.

Thank you Jl35 and stereo5. 
I'm embarassed I hadn't really heard of Odyssey before, and now I'm really intrigued! Truly appreciate both of your opinions. 
The Odyssey stuff is top notch. I had their Candela preamp and Kismet Monoblocks and they were some of the most musical SS gear I've ever owned.....which included Audio Research and Levinson. I'd still have them if I hadn't been bitten by the tube bug. When I get my second system going I'll be getting Odyssey again.