Odyssey Stratos Monoblock Experiences

Has anyone owned or heard these amps. Thanks
I haven't heard the mono version of this amp. I was lent a stereo version of this 150 wpc amp. Listened to it for a few weeks, man did it sound good. So good, that I retired a K---- KSA 200S, and bought two of the Stratos stereo amps. I got the blue faceplates, for a modest surcharge, but these amps are KILLER.
Yes! I have had a pair of the Stratos monoblock's for about a month. I was hoping for some improvement in sound over my other amps (Audio Research D200, and VT60). What I got was amazing...their sound is wonderful...very articulate, open, neutral, dynamic, and any other superlative you can think of. Most importantly...they sound like music!!! Also, you will be amazed at the build quality, they're heavily constructed and solid. Price is amazing: Stratos stereo ($895), Stratos mono's ($1795). To me, you would have to spend beyond $4000 to match the Stratos in all catagories. Call Klaus Bunge at Odyssey Designs (317)299-5578. He will be most happy to help you! There's no way you can go wrong trying any of the Odyssey line. In fact I've also purchased two of their 3-channel amps for my home theatre systems, and their sound quality is basically as good.
Two weeks ago I purchased an Odyssey amp, the stereo version. It drives my 2.5r Magnepans. After reading the various Odyssey reviews, I took a chance and bought one. In the past I have tried various amplifiers with mixed results, Adcom 555, ATL 1502, VTL ST125 and even a Harmon Kardon AVR85 receiver. As the manual says, the Odyssey takes some time to break in. But, right from the start I could tell this was a different machine. The midbase and base had a presence never heard before, solid, dynamic and with an discernable image where only blur was before. While it might be slightly rolled off at the top, there is NO solid state glare. Now that I have had it on for two weeks, the top end has become articulate and open. In fact, while it is not quite as musical or airy in the upper ranges as the VTL, it is very close! I could not be more pleased with the amp and am left wondering at my good fortune.