Odyssey Stratos compared to Marsh A400S

I read some discussion of this in the archives back in December. I'm wondering if people in the intervening 9 months have new comments regarding (and/or comparing) these two amps.

I'm, at least for now, leaning in the direction of one or the other but it's virtually impossible for me to audition them. I will be driving Epos 11 (at least until I can upgrade -- probably more than a year) and my source is the Cary 303 cd player.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Bob, I have had Epos es-11s and driven them with the Marsh A200s and several other amps. I have also heard the Odyssey amps but not side by side. I preferred the Marsh to the Odyssey overall. Both are great values. The Marsh has more tonal color and purity. I thought it was slightly more natural sounding. That is my feelings although keep in mind I did not hear them in an A/B situation.