Odyssey speakers?

Has anyone heard these yet? Are they as good as their amps?
I heard the Lorelei and the Epiphany at the MAF. Both were great speakers respectively. Which ones were you looking at?
The audition rooms were less that good but the speakers were still sounding pretty good. There are a lot of good speakers in the Lorelei's price range. They played loud in the large room, but you couldn't drive them as far as the Stratos could go. Excellent highs and mids but the bass got a little muddy in the crappy room. Although I didn't see it, Klaus spoke highly of the crossover.
The Epiphanys with the new passive pre and new amp and cables for $1500 is a smokin deal, IMHO. If I were looking for a second system I would have bought it. They image great and sounded great. again, this was in a bad room so I can only imagine they would sound even better in a furnished room.
Not REALLY looking but I was curious if anyone had heard any of them. You never know when you might get the urge to sell your current speakers and possibly upgrade ;)