Odyssey owners chime in

Reliable, amazing, UNreliable, problems, sound, enough juice to drive speakers?
clipping, no clipping, high volume deterioration of sound, or just outstanding control of woofers, at any volume??

kismet or kismet hybrid extreme.  Need input , please, honest, input, not fanboy praise, real life truths.
my old pair not selling, considering upgrade to kismet or full kismet stratos hybrid with extra caps.

help is appreciated
I purchased a stereo Stratos Extreme in March 2010.  It has never burped, farted or otherwise.  It is one of the most reliable pieces of equipment I have.  It is the cornerstone of my system.  A few weeks ago, I brought my Stratos to a high end shop and compared it against other amps costing 4 times what I paid for my amp.  There wasn't enough difference (not always for the better) to justify spending that insane amount of money.  

My Stratos which has all the bells and whistles including the Kismet boards, dual power supply's, all the extra caps, better wiring and connectors, etc drives my Golden Ear Triton Ones effortlessly.  I must say that the sound is breathtaking in my living room.   I am quite happy.  

There re is one thing and that is because Odyssey isn't as well known as the big names, the resale value isn't there.  If you are someone who flips equipment  frequently, this isn't for you.  This is for the music lover.   I don't listen to old fart music either, it's 90% rock and the amp has never let me down or wanting for more.  

Khartago Plus was one of the best value components I have owned. Never any issues.
I purchased my Stereo  Stratos 16yrs ago and it has never failed me. It has been powered on for all this time.
20 year warranty also.
This amp is on my radar as well. These amps are sonic matches for Thiel loudspeakers.
a lot of Odyssey amps you to be sold here, not so many anymore...
I purchased Stratos monos about 18 years ago and they ran flawlessly until a particular bad power surge that got one of them.  I sent them in to Klaus to be repaired and then he gave me such a great deal on new Kismet monos with upgrades that I went that route and am not sorry.  

I have been driving SoundLab stats almost the entire time and have never regretted the Odyssey amps.   I leave them powered on 24/7.
I purchased an HT3 (with cap upgrade) in 2006.  First, there was a hum issue.  With Klaus's assistant on the phone, I removed an internal ground wire.  Hum issue fixed.  A few months in, one of the caps went bad.  It was replaced for free under warranty, but I did have to pay to ship this 64lb. beast out to Minnesota.  Since then, it has been trouble free, and sounds absolutely fabulous.  I leave it powered up all the time unless I am going to be away from home for a while.  It runs moderately warm, but AFAIK, that's typical of the 3-channel models.
Odyssey, good reliable amps that are endowed with a high-end sound for a lot less money. Their is very little to criticize about build or sound quality. I haven't seen any for sale in a while. But it is important to mention here that selling most audio gear has been slow. To be competitive you should ask less then blue book for a quicker sale.
One other thing when running an ad, focus on the positive, don't mention negatives unless there is something obviously wrong that should be mentioned. Good luck!
I've had my kismet monos less than a year but they sound better than my two previous power amps by a lot..  very reliable so far, no power on or off thump and I've looked inside and it's assembled very nicely


which amp(s) did the Odyssey replace in your system?

Khartago Plus a temporary fill in for Thor Tube Mono-blocks and for Pass X250.5 in friends system. Was such a great fill in that I bought it from him. Also tried Parasound A21 as fill in but neither of us liked it.
jafant - I had been using a Rotel 1066 in bridged mode for 150 watts X 3 for the front channels of my combo HT and audio system. When I wanted to upgrade (for smoother, less etched treble, mainly), I auditioned the AVA entry level 3-channel amp and the Odyssey HT3 (with cap upgrade) at the same time. No contest, the Odyssey blew away the Rotel and the AVA. This was in 2006.
Kind of new at this here never ending hobby, but started with the Khartago extreme and upgraded to Kismet mono blocks.So, the only amp I can compare it with is the extreme. The monos are Killer. Started with Jbl speakers,upgraded to Kismet monitors,also picked up Nola contenders, and a week ago purchased Gershman sonograms. I will be selling stuff soon. should have chosen crack as the latest addiction, it would have been cheaper. 
I've had a Stratos amp and Tempest preamp since 2000. No problems whatsoever. Klaus was great to deal with. He brought them to our house to audition along with a pair of Symphonic Line speakers. We bought all of it and have had no regrets.