odyssey kismet monpblock

Any body have any thoughts, comments, recommendations, suggestions with respect to these

You need to listen before buying.  Well built, distinctive sound, good factory service.  To me, completely opposite sound from my Mac amp, much brighter sound.
Which is brighter, the Mac or kismet

i assume the mac is tubes
Kismet on the way, 

saving for the Magtech as well,

selling the sunfire 600 signature.  

Any buuyers....?
Anxious to Here your full report
I’ll first say I have not heard them. But when considering new amps a few years ago I spoke on the phone with this guy. I thought it was a bit strange. A bit aggressive. What turned me off more was the "fanboy" type of customer base, as if these were the be-all end-all of amps, no other amp could touch these and you’ll never need another amp. Check out his forum page on that small-builder audio site. Ended up looking and buying elsewhere.
@arctikdeth What speakers will you use the Magtech amp with?

Energy RC-70s’
cerwin vega D-9’s (modded & power hungry, amp killers)

energy’s will. Sound great,
im nervous about the Vegas, I’ve clipped a handful of amps with these.  With the high current, i a hopeful!
I have Odyssey mono amps.  The are what Klaus calls "Klaus's Amps".   They have clarity with no brightness.  They are driving Harbeth 40.2 speakers.  Klaus demo's his products at many shows.  Check out Audio Circle.  His amps have received good reviews in Absolute Sound.  The amps replaced a very good Modwright amp which I now have in another system.