Odyssey "Khartago" Stereo Extreme" amp compared to Schitt's "Vidar" amp

I am downgrading my amp to a smaller size and considering either Odyssey Khartago Stereo Extreme  or the Schitt Audio "Vidar"  Therefore, I need some feedback about which amp might sound better and more compatible with a Conrad Johnson PV-14L SE pre-amp. Also, which one would be more compatible with a variety of speakers

My current speakers are Golden Ear Technology model 7's which might  possibly be replaced by Magneplanar .7 speakers, or something better than the GET 7's.

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Doesn’t Odyssey recommend a really long break in time on their amps?  I’m going by memory here, I thought I’d read that somewhere.  

The manual states 6+ weeks with the amp remaining on the entire time for full break-in. It describes 4 distinct phases which the amp will go through.

Owners report good synergy with Maggies.

I have the Cyclops version of the Khartago (with extreme boards and upgraded ps) and ran it with MMG's for several years. Yes, there is a very nice synergy. Odyssey amps are higher current amps which, as well-reported, Maggies like and/or need. While the amp was powerful enough for my normal listening levels there were times I wished for a tad more. Adding a powered sub did alleviate much of that issue for me, fortunately. The sound quality of the Khartago is outstanding but if I were to do it again, I would opt for the more powerful Stratos to pair with Maggies.

Sorry @sunnyjim, I have no experience with the Vidar. Best of luck.

Thank you to all who have responded.  One of the reason I was considering the Khartago or Schmit  Vidar  is size.  I posted another thread a month ago about replacing my current BAT VK-200 with a smaller and lighter amp. The BAT at 70lbs  is heavy and awkward to move in a component rack  either to clean or make adjustments.to the speaker connections.  The Khartago weighs about 33 lbs. Its width and depth about the same as the BAT.  However, the Vidar weighs approx.13 lbs and is more compact in size

This may seem like a downsizing of sound quality going from the BAT to the above amps, but I really like to reduce the sprawl of the system to be more accessible and streamlined.  Don't get me wrong, the BAT and the CJ pre-amp work well together.  The advice by Soix to wait until you decide on speakers is good and practical, but I have not found a "upgraded"  replacement for the GET 7's 

The other alternative is to go with a integrated amp, like a Conrad Johnson CA-150 or the more powerful CA-200  (the SE versions are $2000 more). Though, both models have received excellent reviews.          

FYI, Khartago Extreme listed by TMR Audio for $999 on this site.
Another amp to consider is this Van Alstine Vision Set-120. It is a mos-fet and would be a good match with your CJ preamp.

To mtbrider:  Thanks for the heads up; I did see the listing on TMR. I just need to check out the authenticity of the model from the serial number and possibly talk to Klaus about the difference between standard Khartago and the Extreme version.

yogiboy, Thanks for the recommendation and the link. I will check it out