Odyssey Khartago and Vandersteen 2

Has anyone heard this combination? I don't want a 20 year old McCormack or ?? I would prefer new with 20 year warranty Plenty of power for my apartment, compact size (good for a wheelchair bound owner) the right price even with the extra capacitor board. Klaus sounds like a great guy.

Rest of system:
YBA 3 amp
YBA 2 preamp
SOTA Star w/ Alphason arm
Mac Mini w/ Scott Nixon tube dac
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I wouldn't worry too much about McCormack. I know a lot of people recommend the combo, but it didn't do that much for me. There are better options. I haven't heard the Odyssey but what about your YBA 3? That should sound OK.

Also, if you haven't already tried this, Vandersteen benefits greatly from bi wiring. No other speaker that I know of, responds to bi wiring like the Vandersteen's. It doesn't have to be expensive cable either. If you can find 2 runs of something like AQ Type 6, you can get a very cost effective upgrade.
Hi, the YBA sounds good but it's 50W into the Vandersteen's 7 ohm load. I have a couple of other amps, Krell with 100W and a Rotel with 200W and they have an easier time running the Vandersteens. I have the speakers bi-wired with Audioquest forget the model. I'm happy, maybe I thought I should change, it's been 17 years and I wasn't being an audiophile, right?
I have an Odyssey Stratos and for 2 years it made beautiful music with my Vandersteen 2ce speakers.
What version of the 2's do you have?
I have the 2ce speakers. I bought everything back in the mid 90's, I don't switch very often.
You may want to look into having your 2's upgraded to Signature 1 status. (Its not possible to upgrade to Sig 2.) I have the Sig 2's but have owned the sig1's as well and the difference is not that big. They easily compete with speakers that cost a lot more.

Just to clarify, as far as bi wiring goes, I was referring to a external (double) bi wire. Thats where you run 2 separate sets of speaker cables. A single bi wire is when the conductors are split up internally. Single is by far the most common. I'm not sure which type you have, thats why I mention it again.

If you end up getting a new amp, I would suggest that you listen to a few different options. I tried McCormack and thought it was OK. The Vandersteen's are very revealing and brought out the good and the bad of what the McCormack had to offer. I would opt for something else.
Upgrading to Sig. II sounds like the best option. Maybe I can get $4-500 for my speakers.

Yes, they're internally bi-wired. I have two runs of Audioquest Slate I can use. I'm using the internal bi-wire for convenience, I'm in a wheelchair.

Someone told me to get rid of the YBA stuff and look at an Ayre AX-7 integrated, it's suppose to work good with Vandersteens.
I have Vandersteen 3A Sigs with Kimber 12TC true bi-wire. I've heard the Ayre with Vandersteen and it's a great combo for sure. Check out the review of the Ayre Integrated in latest Stereophile. For my Vandersteens I'm using Red Dragon M-500 mono block Class D amps with ARC SP 16 preamp. Gobs of power, great sound, reasonably priced.

One day I'd like to try the Ayre gear though.
In my opinion, the best solid state option for Vandersteen is Ayre. There are other good matches, as well, but I like Ayre the best. You should have no problems driving the 2's with the Ayre 7 as long as you don't have a really big room. As for the results, I think you'll be very suprised. Everyone who hears my 2's with Ayre sits in disbelief. I think you'll be happy.