Odyssey audio Tempest vs Candela ?

Hi everybody !
Which one of them would you recommend for the Stratos extreme mono amps ? And why ? Any recommend is very helpful for me and for us to ! Thank you.
I own a Stratos Extreme +++ stereo amp and I use a tube preamp with it. I absolutely love the sound with the solid state amp mated with tubes. I use an Audible Illusions Modulus 3B tube preamp. I would go with the Candela simply because it uses tubes.
I just picked up my mono extremes Wednesday and after 24 hours warm up listened to 5 hours on Thursday night with a SS pre and thought they we were wonderful.

Today I brought home a Rouge Audio 99 Magnum and am totally impressed. Sound is impressive. Going back tomorrow and paying for the Rogue.

Get a tube preamp.
Yeah ! I`m curious to ! These mono`s just simply perfect ! Better than my Kora Cosmos and Bedini`s . They are very good amps ,but this one is incredible ! Thank you for your comment .
Mswobo ! Your Stratos mono`s is new ? I agreed with you I both the Ava Ultra Sl tube preamp with Mazda tubes and the sound is amazing specially the midrange is magical ! I really love this combo !
Hi,sorry I didn't, respond sooner, been away from agon. Anyway I do have a candela stratos combo. I had replaced my CJ PV12 with the Candela. the CJ was an excellent mate but wanted something a bit less lush (for jazz it,s great). I primarily listen to jazz and standards and it has a fine balance between warmth and detail. Balanced across the spectrum. klaus is the wunderkind with this combo, highly recommend you give it consideration on your short list. My preference is Philips/amperex holland/heerland tubes, 60s vintage. Regards, Dave

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