Odyssey Audio Stratos vs Nad s200

Hi, I just found this forum with all the excellent tips. I am looking to upgrade my amplifier and was wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare the Stratos with the S200? I have heard the Nad and I thought that it was fine but I've seen reviews on the Stratos and it got my interest. Also, any ideas as to what would be a good matching pre-amp for the Stratos? The S100/S200 combo is of course quite good. Present system-: Marantz 6000OSE CDP/Monitor Audio 700PMC and Rel Strata 3 speakers. Thanks much.
Hi, I have ProAc Response 2.5 loudspeakers and I am investigating which preamp/amp configuration would be a good match. I am seriously thinking of the NAD S100/S200 combination. Can anyone give some advice?
proac recommends the audio research 100.2 amp w/the audio research ls-16 preamp, or the ls-25 preamp. i've heard the 2.5's w/the 100.2/ls-16 combo - *excellent*!


I haven't heard the NAD, but I do have the Odyssey Stratos (monoblocks). This amp simply blows away my previous amps (Audio Research D200 and VT60. It has great bass punch, a beautiful midrange, and sparkling treble. I have heard no weaknesses , so far. I even put Odyssey HT3 3-channel amps in my home theatre systems...with similar results...a whole new aural world opened up. Check them out at http://www.odysseyaudio.com or give Klaus a call (317)299-5578. You just can't go wrong with these products!