Odyssey Audio Stratos v. Musical Fidelity A3cr:

I currently run my Musical Fidelity A3cr dual-mono preamp through an Odyssey Audio Stratos Plus (120,000 uF capacitance upgrade) amp. There are several auctions and ads now offering the matching Musical Fidelity A3cr dual-mono amp at reasonable prices. Both amps have received rave reviews, and I am VERY happy with the Odyssey and its Symphonic Line DNA. I wonder if anyone out there has had experience with both amps, and has a strong opinion about the two. It does appeal to me to have a "matching set" of Musical Fidelity, and I wonder how much the "dual mono" advantage with the two toroidal transformers may mean. The two sell for about the same price on the used market. Anyone have any STRONG advice?? Thanks.
Not sure if this is going to qualify as "strong" advice since I have no experience with Odyssey gear, but I did recently acquire the a3cr pre and power combo and I just thought I'd chime in that I'm very happy with them. The main way I would describe their best attribute is "non-fatiguing detail." The precision up and down the dynamic range and the sense of space between instruments, even in dense passages of music or orchestral pieces, is staggering. But there is no hint of that forward, fatiguing brightness that often to me characterizes (and ruins the enjoyment of) ss pieces that render incredible detail. I could use a touch more coloration and warmth from the a3cr pair - sometimes the presentation trends toward the analytical, unemotional side of the line. But that's a minor of quibble of audiophile perfectionism (that might, I'm thinking, possibly be rectified by a tube phono pre). On the whole I'm shocked by the strengths of the combo, especially given what I paid for them. For what each piece is going for on the used market today, they are no-brainers - build quality is exceptional.
it depends on your speakers,  the stratos will have more power,
I have had an Odyssey Stratos amp, Tempest pre and Candela pre. Never owned the MF, but did hear an integrated from MF. I hated the Odyssey, too much hum and spurious low level noise. Plus customer service was dreadful, since he has very little help. The MF was very good, clean powerful and sweet. I think it was the M6i500.