Odyssey Audio: Sent amp for service 4 months ago, no amp / no contact back


I bought an amp from a store in Seattle, WA that deals in new and used audio gear.  They thought it was an Odyssey Stratos at the time, paid $1000.  Worked fine for a couple years and then one of the channels started popping loudly.  I contacted Odyssey, since they offer a 20 year warranty, and got a reply from Klaus Bunge in August of this year (2015).  He informed me that it wasn't actually an Odyssey amp, but offered to replace the guts for ~$500 and gave me the address to ship it to.  Seemed like a kind and generous offer to me!  The store in Seattle was kind enough to take care of shipping it there and I was pretty happy with the prospect of getting the real deal and emailed to Klaus to ask about the upgrade options offered on the website (http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-stratos-stereo.html).  It's been 4 months now and I've got nothing. No replies to several emails and phone calls.  The website is still there, so it seems they're still in biz?  Looking around on the web, I don't see complaints about the company.  Thought they were reputable.  Any ideas for what I can do to resolve the situation?

If it was me I would get confirmation from the store that shipped it. Ask them for a tracking#.

Go to the Audiocircle websit and pose the question there . You will get 15 responses in the first hour .
That doesn't sound like the Odyssey that I know.  Try calling Klaus in the evening as that is when he is working.  Try around 8 or 9pm and you should be able to get a hold of him.  He isn't that diligent about reading his email.  I sent my Stratos back for upgrades and got it back in 10 days from the time it was shipped.  Lastly, get the tracking number from the store that shipped it, perhaps it got lost or they still are sitting on it.
Have you established that the amp WAS shipped, and that they accepted the shipment(tracking info and confirmation of delivery)?  If not, and you have no evidence that Odyssey ever received the amp- why are you questioning their integrity?  Just asking!
The story as presented doesn't seem plausible.  A store sold you an amp that you thought was an Odyssey Stratos, but it wasn't.  You paid $1,000 for a used amp that list for $1,375 new?  If it's not an Odyssey amp, how and why would Odyssey convert it to an Odyssey amp?  If the store misrepresented what they sold, then why aren't they pursuing solutions satisfactory to you?

Please explain the situation more fully.
This is an odd situation, more info please. 

Something not not making sense. 

Klaus can be slow, but, will always follow through. 

Contact where purchased from, let us know exactly what amps they are. And why someone would agree to fix another companies product?    Strange.   Maybe odyssey design labs, which is if I'm not mistaken not really odyssey¿

I believe what was bought was an amplifier made by one of Odysseys former employee who went out on his own.  Klaus said it was a half-assed attempt to clone his amplifier and that is why he is willing to work on it to bring it up to a current production model.  Plus, he doesn't do it for free.
He responded to my post on Audiocircle.  Got in touch with Klaus this evening on the phone. Had a nice chat. My speakers are Martin Logan Monolith III's, he's going to build me something completely different to work with those. ETA is January. Seems best to call him in the evening or late at night even.

Thanks for the advice, folks!
This is very intriguing indeed. If Klaus is doing all this for only $500 including shipping, it may be that there is something going on between himself and the ex-employee - possibly some legal issues that they have yet to iron out. Just a thought.
It sounds like you purchased an ODL and not the Odyssey amp. ODL was sued by Klaus (Odyssey) to stop producing and they and won. They (the ODL & Odyssey) really are identical and do sound the same to some degree but he wants to replace the guts with the latest circuit board and quite possibly remove the ODL logo and replace it with Odyssey. Keep calling, he will answer.
Did Klaus (Odyssey) obtain an injunction against ODL to stop manufacturing and selling their amps by the ODL name or is it just the Odyssey name?
If it is just the Odyssey name, then ODL can still continue selling the same sound.
Just curious.  
Got my answer from other threads in A'gon.