Odyssey Audio for HT system any comments

Wondering if anyone has experience with the Five channel amp produced by Odyssey Audio. Any information you could give would be wonderful.
I don't so I'm sorry but you should really look at the Sherbourn 5 channel amp it is a killer for the money.
They never produced the 5 channel amp!!!!! If you want 5 channels you need to buy the 2 channel and the 3 channel from odyssey. I guess they felt as though 5 channels in one chassis was too much strain on the power supply and it is much more efficient to run (2) amps. You can call the company and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have in your quest for that perfect power!!!!!
Hi! I have an HT3 in 2 different HT systems, and they sound absolutely awesome. Since most of your information is covered in the front 3 channels, that is where the Odyssey will do the most for you. Then you could use about any reasonble amp or mono's like the Marantz M500's for the rear channels. Give Klaus a call he can certainly help you make any final decisions (317)299-5578.