Odyssey, ATI or W4S Amp for Maggie 1.6R

I am setting up a 7.1 surround system which will be used for Home theater as well as stereo listening. My speakers will be Magnepamn 1.6R with surrounds. I am curious about the forums experience with high current amps most notably the ATI-1807@ $2000, W4S mini MC @ $2300 and the ODyssey Stratos HT-3 + khartago stero amps (I am looking at DEMOS)@ $2600.

BTW any recommendations for $1000 A/V pre Amp?
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I just got off the phone with Magnepan. They don't recommend going 7.1. Their feeling is 5.1 is more than adequate with 1.6R + SUB + CC1 + MC1as rears. I am leaning towards the ATI 1805 + Integra DHC 9.9 as I am now going to spend about $3000 for amp + Pre-Amp. Any thoughts about Sunfire 5201?
For amps I think the odyssey would work well;I am not familiar with the others mentioned;
For a processor the intregra is a excellant recommendation
and I think you should take a look at the emotiva line as well;they have a program in which when you purchase a piece of theirs you get 40% off when the next generation
comes out.
I am using a dmc-1 with great results possibily my only complaint is it doesn't have the flexability of the bass management that my theta casa nova had.
Interesting comments. The problem is pricing. We are comparing apples and oranges. The Odyssey will cost me $2200, the wyred4sound runs $1995, the ATI-1805 is $1500 and the Emotiva is only $800.

So what is the cost benefit analysis? Is the Odyssey worth 3x the price of the Emotiva?
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