Odyssey Amp? Anyone here experiences wit

How does it sound? they seem to have good price: $895 with a 20 years warranty. Please comment. Thanks
A friend had one the STRATOS I think. He said the inside was the stamped out of the cheapest crap he had ever seen. He sent it back.
I have a pair of the Osyssey Stratos monoblocks. The circuit is a distillation of the Symphonic Line German amplifiers. It is deceptively simple, and therefore, there aren't a ton of designer parts. When I first received the stereo version of this amp and opened it up, I too was tempted to send it back due to its simplicity. After all, the 55 lb. weight, expensive machined case work, and massive heatsinks suggested a more sophisticated internal design. After burning in the amp for a couple of weeks I found it to sound as good as some $3000 amps. IMO, the Odyssey Stratos amp is a real sleeper - look for positive reviews on StereoTimes webzine, Soundstage (upcoming), and Bound for Sound (upcoming). Check it out. Odyssey gives you 2 weeks for in-home audition. You only have to pay for the shipping. It's well worth it to audition this amp if you're looking for an amp up to $3000.