Odyessy/Stratos OR Monarchy Delux monos

Which are the better of the two amps.Has anyone had the oppertunity to try both in a comparison test with their speakers?For my price range I have narrowed it down to these two choices.Since my system is biamped these are to be used on the Mid/Tweet towers,so concern is for the mid to upper ranges.Both amps have great reviews and its a tough choice.I know either amp will sound great in my system,but I'm sure one edges out the other even by a small margin.
My speakers are vintage Infinity RS1B's from 1987 for reference.My concern is how the amps produce with a varity of other speakers in general.
Looking foward to ALL imput!!
I've heard both in various incarnations. I'd definitely go with the Odyssey even though the Monarchy is a Class A electronic design. I find the Monarchy too layed-back. I had auditioned the mono's with 4 types of speaker's. (Small Totems, JM Lab 6.1's, small Meadowlark's, and, I forget).

On the otherhand, I was taken aback the first time I heard the Odyssey (prototype). Great control and depth. Upon hearing the production models, I think they've left the competition in the dust. Maybe 4 or 5 classic amps in that price range to compare to but not worth the search.
You might want to add an additional amp that you may not have heard off. If you search for "Clayton" in the audiogon discussion forum you can get more insight.

About 6 months ago, I started to look at the Odyssey and found it to be a bargain given the feedback shared by others. But I found that the Clayton S-40 or M100 monos are in a different class. I had the pleasure of comparing this 50 watt class A amp to a $12,000 Rowland amp and to the surprise of the Rowland owner, the Clayton more than held up in direct comparison.

Look at audioreview for more info and the Claytonaudio.com website. As I said, I was in your shoes not long ago and I am quiet happy with my decision.

The M-100 are outstanding performers. I have the S-40 and its 40% close to the monos.

Good luck