odl and odyssey stratos

i say they are the same
what is your response??
Same amp. ODL has been out of business a long time.

Why do you ask?

Not sure about ODL... I do know however the Odyssey Stratos amps have undergone a few changes/improvements over just the past few years, according to Klaus.
odl is a design that copied the stratos with inferior parts, the guy that did odl has long been out of business and the owner of Odyssey has since shut down any ODL references being an odyssey amp as the parts quality was bad, (from what I remember reading) they were originally partners or something, and many got returned. ODL is like 10 to 15 years old and very old board design, the odyssey amps have been since far more updated. But I remember that the chassis is the same, they used the same supplier, so odyssey was able to go in and replace the internals with their design in order to save you the cash on a new chassis as thats about the most expensive next to the transformer cost.

I believe the only visible ways to more or less tell was by looking inside and seeing the color of the board, as most newer odysseys have all Red boards... Some ODL's had like Black and Green boards. Also the odysseys have the plitron black transformers which have a black shielding cover over them... The ODL will likely have a smaller torroid with just exposed laminated windings. Also Odyssey uses Genuine Sanken transistors.. Not sure what ODL had.

From what I understand odyssey took on the burden of helping out ODL customers, and was fair doing the conversions and adding a 20 year warranty, however it is not the same amp and they will not go thru this unless you send the amp back and have updates from what I have read. Also from what I remember this was all caught pretty early on by odyssey, so not many ODL's made it out, also due the small quantity you might find they may have had 20 owners by now and somebody may have already registered and dealt with odyssey on the amp via serial#.

Then again the ODL usually pops up once in a great while on an ebay or whatever and goes for about 1/3rd the used cost of a stratos, somewhere in the 250 to 350 range opposed to 850 or 900.

Again the ODL could have been converted, only way to find out is with odyssey.
i think the odl stratos is the same as the pre year 2000
odyssey stratos