Oderus Urungus found dead

Is this the end of Gwar?


If you never saw them...

(if you want a taste, get "hell-o")

RIP Brockie
Is this the end of Gwar?

We can only hope so.
I saw them around 1990 with Three-Day Stubble at Liberty Lunch in Austin. They were outrageous and hilarious. Pretty good musicians, too. It was a show to remember, absolutely.
Sad to hear of O.U.'s passsing. RIP.
Nice, Elvis. Nobody shit on your JJ Cale thread. Don't like them? Don't listen.
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning Sed?
I saw them around 1991 in Boston and they were VERY entertaining. As you can imagine, Ron and Nancy Reagan were among those celebs who were "beheaded and dismembered," yes, right on stage! Glad I stayed back a ways from the stage as I only had the clothes on my back. Those who dared venture near were soaking with fake bodily fluids.
But musically, these guys were tight and very professional!
Saw them many times at First Avenue...and often was covered in Gwar love gravy...haha....great live band...never owned a recording.