Odeon Rigoletto Vs. Zu Presence

I am selling my AN J/SPe speakers to try something else.

I own the Audio Note P3 Silver 300B amp so I need high efficient speakers such as the two I am looking at.

The Zu speakers have a good following and have some good reports online about their performance. The Odeon is hidden and not even spoken about. I did hear them at RMAF and like them.

What is a better buy and has anyone even heard the Odeon speakers?
I ahve heard almost the full range of Odeon speakers and think highly of them.In fact recently I've auditioned the dcs stacks and the dealer used one of the bigger Odeon to demonstrate.

I believe they are many classes above from Zu speakers in term of sonic attributes,built quility and the Wow factors[ Don't you love the way they look???}

But because it is horn -based you need care in their set-up,so they they do not sound too bright.But with the AN-amp I think they are a match made in heaven.No brainer as far as I am concerned....
@Glory... did you end up buying either the Odeon or the Zu speakers?
Is there a website for Odeon? Can't seem to find one.