Odeon Horn Speakers?


Has anyone heard of this German brand of efficient horn loaded speakers?

There are 3 models - Traviata, Tosca and Nova and I am told they are very musical with an extended but not bright top end.

Any comments on mating them with Krells?

Yes, there are a few threads on this in the archives, if you look under Odeon. There are also some comments about not using them with Krell. This is a speaker for triodes.

did a search using the kyword Odeon and only came up with one match.

any links to the others?
Well, there was a thread somewhere on here, but I can't find it myself now. At any rate, I'll comment on them for you if you like. This speaker is much better for a triode tube system of low to medium power. This type of speaker is very revealing and detailed, with high efficiency. IMO they would be horrid with a Krell amp. The Krell would be much better suited to a more low efficiency speaker that can benefit from the high power. I responded to that other thread we can't find, and reported that the Odeon speaker mentioned would play at 108 db with only 16 watts. Since it has only 8" drivers, it is unlikely that it can go over that SPL without compression, so more power than that is unnecessary and unwanted. The higher idle current of high power transistor amps will be heard as hiss, or increased noise floor through a speaker like that.