Odeon-Ag or Music Fidelity Trivista DAC is better

I´m planning to upgrade my digital front end, currently a Pionner Elite PD 65 CD player I think is my system´s weakest link.
I´m considering the Music Fidelity Trivista Upsampling tubed DAC or the Birdland Odeon-Ag.
My problem is I live in Mexico and have not the chance to audition personally any of both.
I´ll thank You any opinion and advise at this respect, if you have listen both, and better: if you have compared side by side.
My best regards
Just a thought- You may want to consider an Electrocompaniet ECD-1 as well. It's a VERY good DAC and you can find them on the 'Gon from time to time for $1250 to $1350.00. If you did'nt like it (which I doubt but you never know) you could resell it fairly quickly.

Good Luck!
I have an Odeon Ag with the reclocker, and I love it. With the reclocker the two DACs are pretty similar in price (1800 Birdland vs. 2000 MF w/dealer trade-in offer). I've heard the MF Trivista and was impressed, but I didn't hear it on my system at home. The system I heard was an all MF rig, with really nice Spendor speakers. Well beyond what I have at home, so the comparison isn't meaningful. I think you'll love either one. I would make sure they both have the features you want (mainly the interconnect options) and go with whomever gives you the better deal.
I should also add that the MF will give you that lush TUBE sound. If that's your bag, then the MF is the one for you. The Odeon will excel in tight definition and spatial dimensions.
I have the Tri-Vista in my system and love it. I am using a Theta Digital Data Basic II as a transport. Execelent sound. One last thing the cable can make all the difference in the world. I have tried two different SR cables one was warm and very musical, the one I have now is very detailed and acurate but very bright. I might switch back.
I am also thinking of adding a DAC to my system, happens MF Trivista 21 and Odeon-Ag (w/ recocker upgrade) are on my short list. I am using Opera (Chinese Brand) Consurance reference 2.3 CD player, McIntosh MA6900 integrated Amp, driving B&W N803. Obviously, my source is the weakness link in the system. Not yet starting to invest on cables, still breaking in the system with some old cables from friends, that will be my next steps when I get the source fixed.

Actually, the Opera CD player is not bad at the price of less than USD800. By the way, I live Beijing, China, brought this player in Beijing from the local manufacturer. It cost more outside of China. Its mid range (vocal) is more than acceptable, in fact, it is very close to an AA transport/DAC combo which is 8 times more expensive, just did an AB test last week. However, the high and low range are not as good, feel like the high are cutting off.

Consider both B&W and McIntosh's charactoristics, if I want to improve the high and the low with more details and wider/deeper sound stage. Should I consider Odeon-Ag over MF? I am assuming the MF tube DAC is also warm and smooth, and the Odeon-Ag is more crisp and detail, but I have not got a chance to listen to either one of them myself.

Any suggestion?
I am a Birdland Owner and backer, as you can likely tell from my other posts. I would recommend it over the MF simply because my experience has been that you will get significant improvement in your sound regardless of your transport. I've got a shitty CD transport/player and a very good one, and they are both significantly improved by the Odeon-Ag. The same may be true of the MF DAC, but I can guarantee the Birdland.

Also, some food for thought. Some new CD players have upsampling DAC's. I thought the Music Hall Maverick looked like a very tempting product, with SACD play and upsampled redbook.