Ode to Bose

I read this and laughed and figure some of you may enjoy, the way Bose folks are. www.xs4.nl/~ye./bosefaq.html Enjoy it, it is uncanny how the author accuratly paints a picture of the life of a "Bose guy(or gal)".
This address don't exist anymore :(
tim dont you have the entire bose line in your home?
Sorry everyone it worked right before I posted it but it seems to be down now, well it was funny any how. And Kirk for the record I am one day dreaming of owning Bose, can't afford it yet! LOL
gee whiz I was really hoping to move up to the Bozo line, once I sell off my Realiztic/Optonot. I can't understand why no one has bought this stuff I'm offering a generous 10% off list!
best bose set i heard was under the end of my hammer
Sent my ex a set of Acoustimess 3's for X-mas. Wonder if
her and new hubby will try my "tweak" about plugging the
sub's r+ and r- output wires into the wall?
Try this link instead..., http://home.earthlink.net/~busenitz/bs.html
which I got from this link...

Check out some of this... :-)

Newbie: Does anyone have any opinions about Bose speakers?
Five Responses: There are better speakers for the money including brands X, Y, and Z.
Bose Defender: But Bose speakers offer superior design. They're the most popular speaker in the world, and for good reason.
Ten Responses: Popularity does not equal quality. (Many long detailed rebuttals to the Bose defender. Tone tends to be slightly hostile since they've done this several times before. Some are very hostile --- "Bose sucks!!!")
Bose Defender: No. You're all wrong.
Fifteen Responses: What?! (Many more long posts explaining again why they are right)
Bose Defender: (not in response to anything in particular) But Bose is a large corporation with excellent customer service. Other smaller companies may fail, leaving you without service.
Twenty Responses: Good service for a poor quality product? So what? (Many more detailed responses about the problems they perceive with Bose, plus more "Bose sucks!!!" posts)
Bose Defender: Bose is a very popular speaker. More people buy Bose speakers than any other speaker, and Bose has very high customer satisfaction rates.
Twenty-five Responses: Agggh!! We just explained that quality does not equal popularity. Can't you read? Are you an IDIOT?
Bose Defender: No. I'm not the idiot, you're all idiots. This newsgroup is populated by a small clique of crazy "audiophile" types who spend hundreds of dollars for cable that doesn't even make a difference.
Newbie: (forgot about the newbie didn't you!) (in a weak voice) I want my mommy.
THAT'S IT!!!!!