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Last year, I was fortunate to stumble upon a post here that led me to ask another local guy if he ever got together w/other audiophiles in the area. That led me to a group of folks who get together regularly(every two months) and listen to each others systems. Usually, things are informal, with everyone bring music that they'd like to demo, and the host starting it off with a few demo tracks of their choosing. Occasionally, we've had a dealer or manufacturer do a demo for us, but it's pretty low key.
In addition to the larger group sessions, many of us have gathered to do component shootouts, road trips to record stores and the occasional concert.
Our group is probably no different than other A-goners who live near you. We have a WIDE variety of components, musical preferences, sonic preferences, and alcoholic beverage preferences. Everything from Mahler & single malt to Flaming Lips and tequila.
This group has challenged each other, supported each other in their quest for better sound, turned each other on to countless pieces of music, and busted chops till the day is done. We've lent each other gear, swapped tubes, and burned disks(pirates, arggh!). We've listened and interrupted, and listened some more. We've talked each other into and out of upgrades.
If you can find 10 audiophools within a 90 minute drive of where you live, you can and should make the effort. You will be rewarded in many ways...Cheers,
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where can I join dis here group yooze is speakin' of?
In my corner of north central Massachusetts I have 5 friends into audio...........Sbank's post could be us as well.

Always looking for more locals......Email me thru AudioGon.


Paul :-)
Slipknot already knows where to find us. 3 short knocks and a burp will get you in the door.
Slipknot1 you know you'd always be welcome at the Northeast Wisconsin Audiophile Society. Check out our site if you're wondering whether you'd fit in.
Sometimes we talk about gear and music too!
Sorry, Nrchy, Joe (Slipknot1) is already spoken for - in our group.

Spencer, do we really bust chops until the day is done???

One big caveat, those who are not interested in ramping up the amount of money they spend on audio are best served by being anti social. I can't think of one of us in our group who hasn't spent a good chunk of change since we started this group. And, it's been in the thousands and thousands (and thousands) of dollars for all of us (except for the intrepid DIYer, Geoff).

And, all kidding aside, Spencer (as well as Slipknot1, Rushton, Mechans, Tom Moore, Geoff, Mark, and the crew) is a great guy to hang out with. Well, there is one guy I don't especially like spending an afternoon/evening with, but only those in our group will know who I'm talking about - ooh, guess I'm back to busting chops again...

Oh no! I'm also in the that group in the toxic state of NJ. Hope that Russ Prince(rcprince) and Vinh Vu (Vtvu) don't take offense to that - anyways I used to live in Deptford, NJ.
Yes, check out Nrchy's link! The NEWAS has been great, and it started after a few of us checked the Audio Clubs section here on the 'goN. Lots of easygoing guys (plus Nrchy) with all manner of different gear, which we seem to end up trading around. I've got one of Nrchy's power cords, one of rooze's amps and powercords and still one set of his speakers cables left after trying a number of his, Lou's and Nrchy's. I've heard several very cool systems and met some cool characters. Some guys have given me stacks of vinyl. Some have stayed up until early morning hours chattering over good music and beer. Some have driven for two hours with amps, cables, and a stack of music to try in my system, and vice-versa. It's been very educational, and I never would have been hanging out regularly with other audiophiles or been exposed to all this great gear if not for the club.

I really recommend getting even an informal group in your area together, it can be very enriching!
Cool, but you've got to work on that acronym, one more "S" and you've got yourself a NEWASS; talk about your system upgrades!
I've been referring to them as "NEWASses" ;)

Hey, if AA can have "inmates" and AudiogoN can have "Goners" then why not NEWASses? LOL!
I'll second what Dirtyragamuffin wrote above.
As a NEWAS(s) member it's been a lot of fun meeting likeminded(?) individuals within driving distance of my home. As a native Brit, I spent the first 6+ years here in Green Bay wondering if the entire social scene didn't just revolve around bars and Packer parties!....Now in less than a year I've made a bunch of friends, most of whom are as loony in the head as I am.
I'd recommend to anyone starting up a new club that you try and get something going with a website as soon as you can. It's a great way to communicate between members, bring new people into the group, and have a bit of a larf at the same time. We have a message board that provides an outlet for peoples madness and helps us get to know each other, learn about our systems, musical preferences, and hey, even our political/sexual orientations in some instances!!
There's one thing we don't do as a group, and that's take ourselves too seriously. If you can't have some fun whilst you're blowing your rent money, then you might as well give it all up.
Checkout what a handful of enthusiasts can achieve in a few short months: NEWAS
If anyone were interested in cloning the above website and starting a local club of your own, I may be able to help.