Oddball question, hooking up REL Storm III Subwoof

I just purchased a REL Storm III today used at a local dealer. they did not have anything but the subwoofer, Ie no, Neutrix Speaker connections...

I am trying to hook it up now in some manner, while waiting on my order of the connecting cable.

Using the LOW level input, is it possible to run an RCA out of the back of a DVD Players "audio out" subwoofer RCA output? I just did so and no sound came out of the REL. My set up does not allow me to use a Pre-Amp out, since I use an Integrated amp

Having no way to test the REL at the dealer, I am just hoping the thing is operational.


Also, asisde from the REL after-market speaker cable sold here by a Member "Zihkmark" are there other sources for the High Level Neutrix speaker connector?
Did you check the DVD's bass management options in the menu system to see if the LFE is active? Just a thought, since I have no knowledge of your DVD or the RELs actual operation.
i assume you do not have the owners manual????? if not go on rel site and see if they might. some manufactures do this so you can download the manuals. i think you have to look at the sumiko site and then go to rel as i believe they are their distributor. i think you can go into the tape loop or aux. if you have a selector that says recording.try putting the rca from the storm into that. i looked at my integrated amp and it has recording and input selector. turn the sub's volume down and try tape loop and then slowly turn up the rel. i believe that will work, not as good as the neutrik from having a rel stadium 3. are you aware of the proper set up of rel's?????? if not i can explain it to you as they have to be corner loaded for best results and thats the starting point. there is also certain situations that you do not use the spikes either

It's a good thing you got no sound when you hooked up the sub the way you did because it would have been at full volume. You need a preamp or some device with a volume control between the DVD player and the sub. I don't know specically how the REL works but you will probably have to use the speaker outs on your amp to get to the sub unless you have a preamp out loop.
You cannot connect your sub until you get a Neutrik Speakon cable. When connected to the sub you "high level" controls will be used for adjustments. The cable connects to the same terminals as your main speakers on the amp in the following fashion. Red to positive right, yellow to positive left and black to negative right. This will allow you to use the volume control on the integrated as the master volume control for the sub. (I own the Stadium III).
It sounds like your sub did not come with an owner's manual. You can download the Storm users manual at

you can hook it up with rca's. however, the rel works best with high level inputs off the amp imo..
thanks for those who have responded...Matchstikman, thanks for the Signalcable tip....I like his cables....didn't know he made a REL cable.

I do not think it is possible to run RCA direct from the DVD Subwoofer output (Denon 5900), the REL does have a LOW LEVEL gain control, but even at full volume, there is no sound......I believe the output direct from an RCA out of a DVD player is much too low to show any output to the SUB, since it is usually amplified to Line Level via a Preamp or processor, normally....

I've actually found the connectors and REL posts its wire diagrams on their website, so I will try a DIY cable initially. ..Until, I get the Neutrik Speakon conntector, the REL sits silent.....
I hope you didn't pay "new" price for the sub. It should come with the Neutik connector and the dealer should be able to help you with hook-up/installation.
I have gone to all the REL sites, Sumiko sites and live right by their HQs, ..I
am just trying to get the sub working prior to Monday.

Millenium Bill, I will try the TAPE LOOP, i had tried this, but on the "
PLAY" RCA on the JC Verider amp I am using with the sub, not the
"RECORD" RCA output.
I've made my own Neutric cables, the connectors are available at Parts Express cheap, and hi-level input is definitely the way to go . . .

Unless you have an old preamp sitting around that can be connected in parallel with your integrated I think you're out of luck