Odd Power Cord--Recommendations?

I picked up a Tandberg integrated amp--no power cord. The socket only has 2 prongs and is smaller than the female end of a standard cord. Does anyone know what this type of socket is called, or who makes quality cord for it?

Thanks for your help.
Can't answer your question, but it sounds exactly like the power cord which came with my Marantz CD recorder. Maybe Marantz USA or a dealer could help you. Good luck.
I have read of somone who makes a quality upgrade cord in this design. Try checking at Audio Asylum in the cable forum. I can't imagine what you would search under, so maybe just make a new post after trying.
I don't know what it's called either, but it sounds like the removeable power cord that came on my Pioneer CD recorder. Note; one side of the female end is square, and the other side is roundish. This seems to be a relatively new type of smaller, detachable power cord. You might check with Radio Shack about it. Good Luck. Craig
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Jab: That Vans Evers site is a lot of fun. I emailed them and I'm waiting to hear. Thanks all for the help.
If it is the connection that Garfish describes above, Harmonic Tech makes an adapter with a male iec, allowing any aftermarket cord with female iec to be used. My understanding is that it is available at about half the price of the Vans Evers, and I use it with good results on my CD/DVD player. You can e-mail me and I'll direct you to where I got mine if you like.
The adapter is what I had read about previously (not an upgraded cord itself).
The Harmonic Tech is a useful adapter for low-end cd players (or used as transports) and DVD players. But my socket is bigger (though not as big as a standard IEC). Its pins are also IEC-like--that is, little vertically oriented slabs, not round ones. It really looks just like an IEC socket with only two pins and a rectangular opening.