odd music times pieces

I always knew that Take Five is 5/8 times, therefore Take Five.
Money of Pink Floyd has 7/4 times.
Now I recently learned another two odd music times pieces which are Quintile 5/4 times and Septuor From Antares 7/4 times by Stan Kenton from the same album Adventures In Time(MASTERPIECE).
Anyone else can share knowledge?
Oh gawd, if you don't know who Don Ellis is....(just shakin' my head is all...)   ;)
The Mission Impossible theme is in 5/4 time, which composer Lalo Schifrin is said to have joked is for people with five legs.
Keep it Greasy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFTLX4VxTc0&feature=share

4/4, 19/16, 21/16 

The Ocean Led Zep 7/8 and 8/8

Check out also Karizma Document with Vinnie coliauta and Dave Garfield. Some insanely technical stuff.

Radiohead did a bit of experimenting 

Tool with Danny Carey often plays with odd time.

Also check out Gavin Harrison with Porcupine Tree.

often odd time signatures are less accessible as they can sound awkward or contrived. The trick is making it work within the context of a song.

Not to be argumentative, but "Take Five" is in 5/4, not 5/8. Don Ellis' Big Band was (is?) INSANE! Saw them live in '69.
I own the double LP set *Dave Brubeck/Adventures in Time* (Columbia G30625).  From the liner notes, here are the time figures from some of the tunes:  Unsquare Dance - 7/4; Castilian Drums - 5/4; Countdown - 10/4; Maori Blues - 6/4.  The music is interesting, but the sound quality of these '70s sides ain't the best.
6/4 is just like waltz -- nothing odd about 6/4. 10/4 must be pretty lunatic ;)
Celestial Terrestrial Commuters (Mclaughlin/Mahavishnu Orch)   is mostly in 19/8 with the occasional measure of 18/8 or 22/8.  Somehow very danceable.