Odd distortion on new LP, and also replacements

Ok, now I am kind of going crazy here.
I just got a third new sealed reissue copy of Blue Note -Adderely-Somethin Else replaced by a very nice online dealer. The first two had distortion in the left channel on track one only.
I had it replaced due to this odd distortion in the left channel only and it was only on track one/side one.
Got the replacement-same problem at about the same place on the LP (about an inch or two in).

Now it is there again.

I do not have this problem on any other LP I have played (a full range of new/used of varying ages up to 40 years old).

There is nothing particularly loud about the passage. It is a jazz quintet and the sax solo is pretty mellow. LP plays perfect at all other parts on both sides.

I have cleaned twice with a home mix of distilled water/alcohol.
There does seem to be some slight residue on the LP in various places from the pressing, but it plays fine otherwise.

My tracking weight and anti-skate are set to spec (2.0) on a Dyna 10X5 which seems to track everything else with no problem that I have thrown at it.
Clean stylus.
Table is Technics SL-1200 Mk2 with KAB modded tonearm (dampening trough mod).
Table is balanced and I followed all directions when setting up.
VTA is at spec (2 g) for this cartridge.

I am not going to ask for another return on the LP-the dealer has been fantastic to deal with and all other LP's I have gotten from him have been fine.

I do have some Disc Doctor cleaning fluid and brushes on the way next week as I am getting back into vinyl and thought it best to get a better cleaning system started. Maybe that will clean any pressing residue if that is the problem.

Do some new reissues have quality control problems?

Anything I should recheck?


Sounds like a pressing problem and probably has nothing at all to do with your rig or cleanliness of the record.

When you really get back into vinyl, I would suggest looking at the Audio Intelligent cleaning formulas, Disc Doctor brushes, and the VPI record cleaning machines. This combination is hard to beat whether on new records to remove mold release or on old, very dirty records.
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Thanks for the info. I will keep my eyes open.
There are very few LP's that I would spend more than a few bucks on, but this is one of them.
This new sealed reissue was only $9.00 from WDCD radio records (and they are great to deal with by the way), but even Mike there suggested I might look for a different pressing of it.
the mono reissue from classic records is stellar, imho...yeah, it's 30 bucks, but clean, and very special.

and if you like stero, they did a nice version with that as well.

good luck!