Odd Combination/Insanity?

On Ebay recently I purchased a pair of Mirage M-290 speakers in search of a "different sound" from the current PSB 400i's extant at present. Unfortunately the Ebay beast reared its ugly head and one of the speakers was defective (A "scratchy sound". I switched all drivers and the defect remains in the one speaker; a faulty crossover?) I have been listening to one PSB 400i and one M-290 simultaneously. The PSB is more "mellow", the Mirage more "etched". It makes for an interesting and pleasing combination. Has anyone else tried such an odd mating of speakers?
Not I, said the deaf man ;~)
I would only do that to an amp that I did not want. I have no idea what it would do to the amp seeing different electrical properties from the different spks. (The exception might be a dual mono amp?) You might consider a better set of spks. to enjoy.
>>Has anyone else tried such an odd mating of speakers?<<

The League of Women Voters tried this in 1980 with Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. One speaker sounded very distorted and misaligned while the other was clear and coherent.

All in all, a very bad pairing.
i tried listening to 2 different speakers several times. in my case, one speaker was a quad esl 63 while the other was a magnepan 2.7 .

i used a pair of vtl deluxe 120. the amp survived and so did my ears. it was interested to compare the two speakers.
There have been no ill effects experienced thus far to my trusty Hafler 9300, Kotta. Thanks MrTennis, perhaps I am not insane after all. -;)