odd binding posts won't fit spade or banana do i

strip one end of good cables and stick em in? there is a hole to the left of the binmding post to insert speaker wire. i don't think it'll fit a spade. am i gonna lose a TON of sound? please help! cables are pricey and i don't really wanna strip em. is there another option?
Have you thought about trying to find some one to mod the component?? Is it possible to install different binding posts??? If the speaker cables you are using are pricey, I'd find out about switching the binding posts first.
Actually the bare wire will sound better so that is no worry. There used to be pin adaptors available. The Mitchell posts are very good and don't take up much space. I would call people like Audio Advisor or The Needle Doctor and ask what they have to adapt your cable to the posts you have.Stan
if bare wire sounds better how come all the quality cables(except mogami so far as i've found) come with a terminated end with bananas or spades
Because naked cable is as unsightly as Janet Jackson's breast, and it will oxidize. Spades and bananas will not oxidize so the signal won't be degraded.
so a spade or banana is more or less the same as the pasty she had on, it protects the goods. but is it okay to strip it off? knowing the oxidation and dirt consequences.
My ProAcs actually came with a recommendation to use bare wire and some force when screwing down the connectors... According to their literature, when you screw down the terminals on bare wire, you actually deform the wire bringing metal to metal contact under pressure so no oxidization. If you are really worried, you could restrip them in 6 months or a year... YMMV.
The obvious answer for why high end cables come terminated is that you can charge more for them and they are more convenient .Also sexier looking. The simple truth about spades and bananas is that nothing sounds as good as nothing. Requiring the signal to make extra jumps into other materials and surfaces has to degrade the sound. When I have a terminated wire I use it that way , when it comes bare I do not terminate it. If you are worried about oxidation use a good contact cleaner. Simply fastening and unfastening the wire , which most of us do regularly, will keep it clean. Stan