October Audio Magazine Issue

Can anybody direct me to a magazine, website, etc. that gives a comprehensive listing of available audio equipment similar to the annual October Audio issue? Thanks!
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Hi hwy61; It's not as comprehensive as Audio Mags's was, but Sound and Vision produced a Buyers Guide last year that has a surprising amount of high end info. It came out in the fall of 2000 and was called "2001 Buyers Guide". It is not a tabular style format, and is missing some higher end "stuff", but still it is worthwhile for models and some specs. I'm not aware of any other, but if you find one, please let us know. Cheers. Craig
If the "knuckleheads" that used to put out Audio had ANY smarts, they would have continued putting out JUST the annual equipment directory. I know that i and many others that i know would have been GLAD to pay full subscription price for just that issue alone. Sean