Octave vs Ayon integrateds

Has anyone compared these 2 brands of integrateds?
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I don't have any experience with the Octave but own an Ayon Triton 1 and am very happy with it. It's a very musical beast. I also have a friend that owns a Spirit 1 and he loves it.

I went to the Octave website and poked around only briefly, but can make the following observations:

- The Ayons operate in Class A with no feedback. I read that the Octave is Class A/B. I have owned Class A/B mono blocks and am certainly enjoying the musical qualities of the Ayon.

- Another thing I noticed: Ayon Triton 3 (45kg) vs. Octave v110 (23kg). I've always liked my tube amps to have some heft. The quality of the sound, of course, is the bottom line, but given my experience with Ayon I sure didn't read anything in Octave specs that would raise my interest.

Sorry that I couldn't provide any truly meaningful comments based on experience with the Octave.
After posting my previous comments I found a 6Moons review of the Octave v110 which concluded with comments that it would not appeal for those looking for speed and transparency, or angular base or a precisely sorted soundstage. Those are important attributes for me which the Ayon Triton provides quite well in my system.
I was just looking at a review of the Ayon Triton amp on Stereomojo. The reviewer asked the owner of Ayon where his products were made. The owner of Ayon stated that his product is designed and built in Austria, not China. Has something changed?
As an Octave owner I do not agree with the 6moons review. I started with the V70SE and have upgraded to the V110. With the V110 running the KT120's I find a lot more speed with those tubes than the 6550/KT88/KT90. Personally I don't care for the KT120's because the mids are too forward and dry sounding compared to the 6550/KT88/KT90. The bass is a lot punchier. Now if I switch to 70W mode over the 110W and using the KT120's the mids are a hair better and not as dry but the speed is no better than any other tube I have except for the Ei KT90 type2. I do have a black box and although I don't notice much of a difference in headroom it really lowers the noise floor. Currently using the KT90's in 110W mode and really like them. But for a to die for midrange (like the EL34) but with power - sparkly highs a good bass the vintage Tung Sol 6550 solid black plates. But since they stopped production of the black plates in late 1959 finding quads is very rare and super expensive.

I've never heard the Ayon but the Octave line is fantastic IMO. The protection circuit really works. I've had a few tubes 'arc over' and it goes into protection mode. No damage to anything else other than finding the faulty tube if you didn't see it happen.
Here is a review of Octave 110.

and Ayon Spirit

Ayon is an austrian company. Products designed and manufactured in Austria. The owner acquired a factory in Hong-kong where they produce housings only.

I'm a bit familiar with both. Of the two I'd pick up Ayon amp.
I am a past owner of the Ayon Orion II. It is a beautifull-looking amp but ultimately not very well put together and the protective housing over the transformers are not solidly attached. I also went through 3 remotes - not a big great deal but then, at $ 140.00 a pop, this is not acceptable. The fact that the Ayon's manufacturing origins are somewhat hidden (could not get a straight answer from the manufacturer) also does bother me. For the asking price, I just feel those units are not worth the money.

Sonically speaking, the Ayon does sound nice - but so do others for much less money.

I did have an octave on loan for a week in direct comparison. I eventually went with a hybrid amplifier for convenience reasons.

But let me tell you, the Octave was a whole order of magnitude more refined in every way versus the Ayon.
One of the best amps I've ever heard in my life was an Octave. I've never heard an Ayon.
It is funny how folks write things that are just wrong. Ayon is made in Gratkorn Austria. After the Munich show Ayon had an open house. A modern really cool factory.

I had an Octave and it was alright - I found the Ayon Triton III more dynamic and way more musical.

I have heard Octave amps and to my they sound good. I am not a tube lover. But I could very well live with Octave. The Octave phono module is great.

I have no experience with Ayon. But I would never buy them on looks alone. To much bling.

If i were you and you want tube amps, take a good look a Triode Company Japan or Cary.
I have heard pretty good sound from an Ayon integrated (haven't heard the Octave). But, I agree with Audiooracle that Synthesis is another brand that should be given serious consideration. They make terrific sounding amps and very good DACs.
RE the location Ayon products are made:

I saw the post noting that the factory is in Austria, not the PRC. Does anyone know if they assemble everything there or do they use the PRC for some of their products.
See back panel picture and zoom in
See back panel picture and zoom in