OCTAVE v80se w/SBB and JADIS I-50

Hi, I am a newbie to tubes but I somehow like the KT150 tubes. I have shortlisted the two in title and hope to hear your comments if you have compared them. Which to get?

My speakers are about 87dB sensitivity in a 3x5m room. I listen to all genres of music. Thanks.
Hello  Hamburger,
IMO you can't go wrong with either of these amplifiers. I haven't heard these specific models but have listened to other amplifiers of both brands. They both sound exceptionally good, are very well built and also reflect excellent engineering. Speaking in general terms the Octave may be just a "bit" more neutral yet very musically engaging, certainly not clinical/analytical.  The Jadis I've heard were full bodied, a "bit" warmer and harmonically rich yet not coming across as colored, nope! Very natural? Yes!

The Octave is higher power at 150 watts per channel class A/B. Jadis is 50 watts per channel class A.  The Jadis amplifier is 20 pounds heavier and this is usually indicative of bigger and very stout transformers(power and output types). Jadis in particular is renown for the quality of their transformers(which they wind themselves). No doubt Octave has high quality transformers, It goes without saying that if at all possible audition both amplifiers.

I sincerely believe that you'd be quite happy with either of them. The Jadis IMO has a way of reproducing music in a most involving and beautiful fashion. 50 watts of pure class A from this company is very enticing.

Good Luck,
I agree with Charles but would like to add the Soft start with output tube protection circuit is second to none. Octave also make their own transformers. They did start off a a transformer company (so they do know a lot when it comes to transformers). Biasing is also super simple and being a fixed bias you don't NEED matched tubes (but they do sound nicer when matched). 
No doubt that both are terrific choices and a direct comparison would be quite a treat. Jadis does have a unique captivating and engaging sound.  Obviously just a personal impression on my part. 
French always do things differently, whether you like it or not or both is another matter. Jadis has a cult following. They also look like French royalty, the royalty which is no more there but so longed for.
Thank you for all your advice.
I forgot about the Class A and Class A/B differences of the 2 amps.  And the simpler biasing of the Octave.  I have heard the Jadis i-50.  I will try to get a chance to listen to the Octave soon.

The Octave has a fantastic output tube protection feature too. Back when I had my V70se and later the V110 I had a couple of output tubes that arced over causing the protection to kick in. No damage as a result. I've also had a couple of tubes that shorted out. In the case of the shorted tube it isn't readily obvious which tube it is. I found the easiest/best way to troubleshoot (if that should ever occur) is to power down the Octave for a min or 2. Switch it to bias mode and power it back up and watch the bias LED's. The bad tube will usually cause the LED's for the bad tube to from green to yellow to red very fast. Most all the tubes I bought were pre owned and not having a tube tester really didn't bother me.

As far as the BB and SBB by adding it the noise floor drops even more while providing a bit more headroom.
What did you think of the Jadis after listening to it?
I hope you do listen to the Octave amplifier. Direct A/B comparison would be ideal but easier said than done. 
I think all of you are on the right track about both brands. Thanks for the lead.

The Jadis has its strong house sound of "lush warm romanticism’ portrayal of music.
The Octave has a "cleaner modern sound" with a more modern execution of technology. (I assume you can hear the "technology" and feel it... haha!)

For my taste in equipment (a Burmester user) and in music (all genres of music; classical to techno/dance), I prefer the sound of Octave and I think it will work better for me too. I am building a second system with Vienna Acoustics The Kiss.

Btw, where does Ayon (Spirit III or Triton III) stand between Jadis and Octave?
Thanks, again.
Given your stated preferences and priorities  you'd probably be happier with the Octave.  The key is knowing what it is you really want in terms of musical presentation and sonic character.