Octave Integrated Amps


I am a new Audiogon user, so please let me know if anything is out of line with my post or my account.

I have a question regarding volume control taper of Octave integrated amps, in particular when used with horns: how much of volume control can be used before the system becomes too loud.

That will most likely depend with which integrated you are using and with what tubes. It will also depend how efficient the speakers are too. Also what is too loud for me is not loud enough for my son. EL34's don't have the power 6550 or KT88's have. I have the V70SE driving 85db Dynaudio Signatures. With the volume control at 10 o'clock is plenty loud for me. Lately I've been rolling 6550's - KT88's and KT90's. I haven't had the EL34 in for several months now but they have a lower power output (but a mid range magical sound).

That being said I recently had a V40 in my home and the power did not seem to be any less than the V70SE.
I think that is a question best answered by yourself. Like X stated, "Also what is too loud for me is not loud enough for..."
till the pain in ear-drums.
Xti16 thanks for your answer. I was looking into V40SE to use with ~100db 2 or 3-way pro horns with impedance dips below 4 Ohm. I also wanted to narrow my search to amps with shallow volume taper before doing any travel to audition.
The V40SE will handle 100db speakers with no problem. My only concern would be the impedance dips below 4 ohms. The Octave will do 2 ohms but at that point you are pushing the integrated to the max.

As far as the volume taper, I find my Ei KT90 type 2 output tubes have the shallowest but at the same time are one of the more powerful tubes I have.
Thanks Xti16 and to everyone who chimed in.
impedance swings will change the spectral response using tubes.

More important (maybe) would be how complicated the crossover is and how the phase angles measure. Large phase angles and an impedance dip at the same frequency would be a non-starter for tubes. For me, at least. The lower the frequency the greater the offense, in general.

Getting phase data from a manufacturer is nearly impossible. Check some Stereophile speaker reviews to see what I'm getting at.
Thanks Magfan. I am rethinking the tube amp idea. If I do decide to go with tubes it will be Mac as I have 2 Mac shops close by and would be able to get maintenance without hassle.