OCOS speaker cable by Sumiko

Just took delivery on the most fantastic sounding speaker cable.OCOS coaxial speaker cable.Anyone else enjoying this marvelous stuff????
It's been around for a long time but not reviewed for quite some time.A real sleeper.
At 10.00 per foot and 40.00 per adaptor termination for each end its worth its weight in gold.
Looking for (Detail,Detail,Detail)and fantastic realism this is the stuff.
Beats those high priced hyped cables hands down.Its not carried by tons of dealers.After doing some research I found the (only) place carrying it.
AUDIO OUTLET in New York.Call 914-666-0550 and ask for Frank
he is the owner.
You will not be disappointed,and you didn't spend thousands on cables.
I have an 8 ft. pr. too. I actually thought it was musical but lacked treble detail compared to my Cardas Golden Cross. The Cardas sounds a bit more human/natural with a better sense of timing. Good for the money though.

BTW I got mine from Audio Outlet too!
i used OCAS many years ago. as i recall i had the original avalon eclipses then, driven with a JRDG model 8. the OCAS wire was the most constipated, dark and detailess that i ever actually owned. think i upgraded to cardas golden cross, also long gone.
I have been using OCOS speaker wires for about 6 years. To get the most out of this wire it is recomended that you use a double run much the same as if you would biwire a speaker. The bass greatly improves with this configuration. Again the configuration is not about biwiring, rather using more wire to conduct the signal. It's a great match with Thiel speakers. Make sure you use the Red couplers. I've heard the black ones that are available are for certain speakers who's tweeters are prone to "ringing". The blacks attenuate this. Use the same color on both ends of the wire.

Please elaborate on your system. I found OCOS to be the worst value in Hi End cable, (in my system).
Maybe you've just got one of those "synergy" events going on in your system.....


I guess this means you can correspond again?
OCOS Working fantastic in my system.Sorry to hear the poor preformance in other systems.
Some of my stuff is:
Source:Naim CDX2 w/XPS2
Speakers:Vintage Infinity RS1b's
I guess the stuff is really super system dependent.
Hope everyone let the stuff settle in at least 200hrs.
The other thing with the OCOS is that it does let you know how your equiptment really is.Very revealing stuff.If you have a so/so CDP?? thats the sound you will hear.Same holds true expecially with amps.The cable does not (color,mask) the sound.Will surely let you know the weakness in your system.
I have used the OCOS in my system with great success. I use a pair of Watts & Puppies with a pair of BAT VK-60 or the new (fantastic) Analog-Research Technology digital switching amp, a ruthlessly revealing amp. In both cases, as it is the case with Dgordonl ‘s system, the sound is excellent. I originally used a pair of expensive MIT CVT—well it was expensive until many other megabuck wires came along—recommended for the Watts & Puppies and was pretty happy with this combination. But when I switched to the OCOS, lo and behold, there was an ear-opening experience. A veil was lifted. The highs became cleaner and more detailed. The muddiness in the midrange was gone and the tubby bass became considerably faster and tighter.

As Dc2daylight correctly stated, you should use at least a double run of the OCOS—at the price you can easily afford it. I move from single to double, triple, and quadruple run—heck I’d try anything at that price—and found an optimum with the triple run. And, by the way, I use the red couplers. Note: if you use multiple runs, make sure to combine the + and – wires into two single spade lugs.

There isn’t any doubt that there are interactions between the amp, speaker wires, and speakers. I am not an electrical engineer but I understand that it is a matter of load, which is frequency dependent. Your speakers present to the amp different impedances at different frequencies. And each amp reacts differently to this changing load, which in turns affects its frequency response. The speaker wires are part of these interactions and will definitely affect the sound differently depending on the amp/speakers combination. The word synergistic effect is often used to gloss over real technical explanations which many of us—myself included—do not really understand or do not care to know, which is fine.

In my system, the OCOS triple runs clearly trounce the MIT CVT Hose, the Straight Wire Maestro (SP?) and the Cardas Golden Reference. Which reminds me that I still have those wire stashed away somewhere that I should sell off.
Just a small correction. The OCOS, a coaxial cable, is actually a transmission line (normally intended for video or digital signals in the MHz range). The red adaptor is just that, an adaptor from coaxial to regular speaker-wire termination. Being a transmission line, OCOS works independently of frequencies, so what whatever anomalies/synergies you hear is only between your amp and the speakers with little or no participation from the OCOS. So unlike most other speaker wires, the OCOS cannot actively affect the sound of your system, for better or for worse. If your amp is very sensitive to the impedance changes of your speakers with frequencies, the OCOS presumably cannot change that.