ocos coaxial speaker cable question

Hi everyone
I have a question regarding my ocos cables , i have a bi-wire pair with the red and black adapters , the thing im not sure of is this , on one of the red adaptors the lable says ocos adapter but the other red adapter says ocos rfc filter is there a difference ? i have been told that the red adapters should be placed on the power amps and the black should be placed on the midrange tweeter and another red adapter on the woofer , are all the black and red adapters designed internally the same or could this just be an incorrectly labled red adapter . Could one of you guys please tell me how to set these cables correctly in a bi wired system . Cheers.
Hi ....the red ones are ocos adapters , they do indeed go to the amp.
The black ones are the impedence stabilisers and go to the speakers , seems like one of the red ones is incorrectly labelled .
With OCOS you don't bi wire , but parallel wire ,ie both speaker cables to the same inputs on the speaker .Cheers
Thanks for the info much appreciated , cheers.