Ocellia Reference vs. Kondo KSL-SPz

Both speaker cables are example of similar sound approach - naturalness and timbre. Both are silver based.

Does anyone campared them sida by side and could post a comments here?

Thank you!
We could since we have sold both. The Ocellia is light weight and we have told every customer you need a shot-gun config to sound OK, it is fast and airy but again has no weight. The Kondo is airy and transparent but has no body, we sold very little Kondo for this reason.
We do have a favorite but it is neither of these.

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Thank you for your response.
I appreciate your input.

I have in mind a full tubed Jadis system.
The sound of the system is full bodied, warm and rich.
There is no need to add too much weight for it.
Desirable is maintaning a good transparency and resolution but also naturalness and harmonics and tonality.

Can you share your third proposal?
I use the Ocellia Silver Reference and find them superb! They won't add
body, but will preserve the natural weight and body if it's present to begin
with. It very transparent, open with beautiful tone and timbre. Like all
things audio it is listener and system dependant (what isn't? ). I'd strongly
recommend this to anyone pursuing a natural sound, it isn't a hifi sounding
Thank you Charles1dad. I know Ocellia sound and looking for rather direct comparison to Kondo silver speaker wires.
Did you compared them?
No I didn't compare them. They were compared by others on this site a
couple of years ago and folks seem to prefer Ocellia despite their lower
cost. I have no personal confirmation experience. I believe the cable Sksos1
prefers is Pranawire Cosmos based on previous posts. This is a silver
ribbon design.
Thank you for the input.
I never tried Pranawire, and Cosmos seems to be much higher price tag.
I had experience with ribbon cables (Adagio Audio for example) and after very good first impressions I never decided to keep them in my system.

To make my initial question more clear. I am currently using Ocellia Reference in my system (IC and double run of speaker cables) I appreciate their qualities and wonder if KSL-SPz would be an upgrade.
Hello Milimetr! I have same question: i have Ocellia Ref speaker cable, and want to try Kondo KSL SPz. Do you have an experience now? Best regards