Ocellia cables IC why not much talk?

I've been listening to some Ocellia interconnects now and am just amazed at their naturalness and tonality. They have great detail and sound staging. Would be intested in hearing from others who have any experience with this line?
Is there anyone out there that has a thought on these cables?
my system has great detail and sound staging, and my interconnects came from amazon and walmart.
And I bet you drive a Yugo!
why would you bet that?
I use the Ocellia reference interconnects/speaker cable (bi-wired)/power cords in an all Ocellia system
- Ocellia 30 Twin Signature speaker (12 INCH phy-hp drivers using alnico magnets and 2 piezo tweeters on each speaker)

- The new version of the Ocellia signature preamp and Ocellia 300B monoblock push pull amp (15 watts, 16 ohm)

They truly are natural and do not sound bright like most silver cables. Remember, they are unshielded, so care must be taken when using them. They are priced lower than most of the mainstream cables. Dare I say, in league with shindo interconnects but without the high price.

The reason why nobody has heard them is that there is only one dealer in the whole U.S. I was fortunate enough that teh designer of Ocellia is in Montreal, where I live. The cables are now being made in Montreal for teh rest of the world.

I find that these cables will become a best kept secret. Why? Unless you have heard them in your system, nobody will buy them because they are not popular. Nobody knows about them unless you have heard an Ocellia speakers.

I have to agree with Ren: These are definitely the most natural cables I have ever owned--and I've tried a lot of them. I have the Calliope .16s and Ocellia Signature cables, and they just seem to let the music breath in a way I've never heard before--perhaps tough to describe it, but you'll know it once you hear it. I've used the Ocellia cables for a couple of months now and I keep coming back to the same conclusions: Music just seems much more effortless and less constricted than ever before, and there's a supremely natural tonality that lets more of the texture of the instruments shine through. I bet if you have a similar sort of low power tube/single driver type system, you'll love these cables too. Very enthusiastically recommended.
I have found Ocellia cables to be one of the best kept secrets in audio, unfortunately their prices have just been increased as of September. Between the price of silver and there hasn't been a price increase in a long time, still a great value and the sound is sooooo tonally correct.
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I have 6 Ocellia Power Cords, they replaced my Purist Audio 20th Anniversay Power Cords, 3 pairs of Ocellia interconnects and 2 sets of Ocellia Speaker cables. They are some of the most natural sounding cables around and I think they are worth it, even with the price increase. I find the speaker cables a tad light in the bass.
Nice to see and hear from others that they too have found Ocellia cables to sound so natural and musical.
Who heard of these??
I have had the Ocellia reference power cord in my system for over 9 months. I have used on CD player, transport and dac in my system and have heard it on pre-amp in another system. More recently, I added the reference silver interconnect.

With both of these cables, there is a degree openess and natural sound that I have not heard in any other cable. The sonic benefit is across all frequencies - nothing is emaphasized or out of balance, just sweet, open, relaxed & natural.

The Ocellia cables IMO perfrom well above their price point and are a fantastic value.
My loom coming soon! Cannot wait. I have not heard a lot of cables, but these are just soooooooooo good will do ic's first, then ac power cords. Agree with all the above attributes mentioned. Regards, david
David have the rest of your Ocellia cables arrived? Thoughts so far?
I realize this is an old thread but I`m complled to add my 2 cents worth of opinion. I now own the O cellia Silver Reference IC and SC, this is a top tier excellent product.If you`re seeking natural/organic sound with the emphasis on'realism', this is the cable of choice. For the past year I`ve been using a loom of ASI Liveline quite happily and it was the best I`ve had so far.The liveline has superb transparency,timbre,dynamic energy etc.

The Ocellia matches these desirable traits but adds even better tone,harmonics and to my surprise a bit more nuance and resolution.Ocellia is somehow able to extract the pure naturalness of voice and acoustical instruments in fabulous fashion, i.e. they just sound 'real' and present.
This cable is the polar opposite of the artificial,analytical and hifi presentation often touted as 'accurate'. IMO the Ocellia is profoundly organically accurate and will attract listeners who want the innate beautiful sound of acoustic instruments preserved and not stripped down and falsely lean and flatten. The sense of openess, air and space they provide is first rate.There`s an undeniable flesh and blood, breath of life vitality that is quite remarkable.I still believe the ASI Liveline is one of the very best cables available but the Ocellia Reference is for my taste better yet.
Best Regards,
Charlesdad, nice to see another converter to Ocellia. Yes once heard its hard to imagine another cable that has that "naturalness" that Ocellia brings to the table. Yes other cables might have deeper bass, more control but none do what I hear in the Ocellia cables as you have pointed out.
Rsf507 ... oops, sorry have not followed this thread. After hearing the Ocellia, there was little time to read these forums LOL ... busy enjoying music. These cables are just truly amazing in every aspect. Everything that others have said above I will just be repeating, so I will make it short ... DITTO. It has an uncanny "realism" that other more expensive brands I feel fail to possess. I need to save up some money for Reference speaker cable and also have a few more devices needing power cords also :P .... Regards, David.
David, glad to hear, enjoy!
Hi all,

Anyone compared Ocellia interconnects with Cardas Clear? I'll use it in a vinyl&tube system
Firochromis ~ I have but since I also sell Ocellia I can't explain in this forum but feel free to email me for info.

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These cables sound very promising given the comparisons made to the ASI Livelines which I currently own.
I have had ASI Liveline speaker cables, ICs and power cords -- the latter throughout my system. I have really enjoyed having the ASIs. They are great cables. I have yet to try HiDiamond power cords but I can say that HiDiamond speaker cables and interconnects made short shrift of the ASI speaker cables and interconnects in my system.
04-29-12: Sabai
I have had ASI Liveline speaker cables, ICs and power cords -- the latter throughout my system. I have really enjoyed having the ASIs. They are great cables. I have yet to try HiDiamond power cords but I can say that HiDiamond speaker cables and interconnects made short shrift of the ASI speaker cables and interconnects in my system.
Sabai (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)
I found ASI Liveline PC limits current even with my DAC but otherwise, it's not bad. I will be interested in your comments with HiDiamond PCs.
Knghifi, if you read a few of the previous threads, you will see that Sabai is totally sold on the HiDiamond cables. Sounds almost as though he is doing the selling quite frankly! Perhaps the distributor should consider using him as their salesperson in the US!
I just placed an order for some Acoustic Zen cables myself because I couldn't find a Canadian retailer for Ocellia and simply couldn't wait much longer! I had been doing my research on-line and after a few names came up, I realized I might as well simply get what I was comfortable with. Sometimes, it is easier to just go with what you know!
Musicallyinclined, I'm aware of the threads and NOT in the market for cables.

With ASI Liveline PCs in my system, I found missing frequencies so it's impossible to properly evaluate ICs and SCs. I'm just curious with the results when Sabai replaces his Liveline PCs with HiDiamonds.
With all due respect, please note that I have stated numerous times on these forums that I have no connection with ANY audio company except as a very happy customer. The distributor of HiDiamond has personally confirmed this on these forums. I am also a VERY happy customer of AMR, Bybee and Joseph Audio. I will be posting about their amazing products in due time. I have already posted a very enthusiastic review of Merlin speakers. By no means is my enthusiasm restricted to the products of a single company.
Sabai, I appreciate your reviews and enthusiasm but sometimes you tend to get a touch carried away with the HD this & HD that comments which, honestly, gets a bit tiresome. I asked you if you knew of any U.S. dealers a few posts back and you replied that you ended up doing business with the Canadian distributor directly. My concern is that you may be getting something in return for the numerous posts which MAY make your opinion biased.
I would love to see what you have to say about Joseph Audio as I am currently on the market for bookshelf speakers. I heard these at one of the shows and I was absolutely blown away by them.
In the meantime, let us go back to the subject at hand which is Ocellia cables: my question is, why are there no stores (or distributors) listed on their web-site? I gave up trying to find them for my system (went with Acoustic Zen instead) but I am still interested in the Ocellia for my second system. Anyone know where I can listen to these in Ontario?
It will take a while before I am ready to replace my ASI power cords with HiDiamond. I have too many things going on at once at the moment. I will wait till my AMR DP-777 is burned in before taking the plunge.
With all due respect, you may note that I have got "carried away" by a number of products from various manufacturers over the years. If you do not care for my bias or are tired of reading my posts you may wish to avoid reading them. Please note that I did business with the North American distributor of HiDiamond who is also the Canadian distributor.

With all due respect, after finding my posts tiring I note that you are now asking for my opinion about Joseph Audio Pulsars. I find them stunning. I hope you have not found this too tiring a read.
Sorry Sabai, I apologize if I came on a bit too impolite but you do mention both HD & the distributor a lot over the past couple of weeks. I do appreciate your honest posts, but I only wished other HD users would join in the discussions in order to solidify your findings. I checked past threads and found two other "users" came under question. I don't doubt for one second that you are a genuine end-user like myself, but you should notice that there aren't too many HD users on these forums.
I was very intrigued by the cables myself, spoke to a couple of friends and retailers that are far more knowledgable than myself and couldn't find anyone to back the cables. The distributor offered to let me buy them from him directly but I like to deal with retailers for personal reasons.
The person I ended up dealing with let me try the Acoustic Zen cables (I already owned a couple of their power cords so I was familiar with the brand). I liked what I heard and bought IC's for my entire system. I would probably have liked the HD cables if I had tried them, it simply wasn't in the cards I guess.
I look forward to reading a "real" review on the Pulsars from you Sabai as I do value your opinion, having read a lot of your posts. Thanks in advance!
Apology accepted. No problem. Thank you for your kind words.

I note that two new HiDiamond threads have been started in the past few days by two new posters. I agree that there are very few HiDiamond users and even fewer who may be posting. But since HiDiamond has only had a North American presence for a few months this is understandable, IMO. As time passes, if these cables are more widely accepted as excellent cables I imagine that we will hear from more users.

I will be putting the HiDiamond Carbon 2 digital cable into my system on Sunday. I will post initial impressions next week.

Regarding the Joseph Audio Pulsars, I am hold off making detailed comments for now because my AMR DP-777 and HiDiamond cables are burning in and my new HiDiamond digital cable has yet to arrive. I think it would be premature to go into too much detail at this point with so much new going on in my system. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear the Joseph Audio Pulsars in Singapore a couple of years ago and was immediately impressed. My initial impression of the Pulsars in my system is that they are stunning.
Another great review of Ocellia cables....
But still a hard cable to find anywhere! Just tried a couple of other brands and wasn't overwhelmed by them.
Musicallyinclined you stated you tried "other brands and wasn't overwhelmed by them" are you saying you tried Ocellia nd not to your liking?
You can get the Ocellia through Sounds of Silence Audio.com(USA) or direct from Ocellia in Montreal Canada.
They are truly exceptional in presenting realism and natural tone.
but what STORES actually carry them? Everyone seems content with buying $500+ cables without having the chance to try them out. I am testing other cables right now and I haven't been able to see a difference between those (which are thoroughly discussed on Audiogon) and my present cables which are 1/2 the price. Quite the disappointment actually.
If you must audition these cables before buying(I can understand why) they may not be a good choice for you. I purchased mine without hearing them(word of mouth enthusiasm) and it worked out fine. I realize everyone is`nt comfortable doing that however.You may just have to go in another direction.
How do you guys manage to spend tons on money on stuff you don't listen to first? That's what's beyond me!
Seriously Charles, would you buy a car without test-driving it first? You can't always trust what you read (especially when there are so few reviews on many of these brands, except by so-called "end-users" on forums such as this one).
How about using some common sense mates? If stores don't carry brands, there must be a reason!
There`s no lack of common sense, there are some product and components you won`t be able to audition without buying first(example use items on audiogon). Some products are only sold direct(and don`t always offer a trial policy).
We all have our own comfort level,you should adhere to your own predetermined level that`s all.
I purchased my SET amplifier(new),speakers(used),transport and DAC(new) without prior listening and the system sounds wonderful, surpassing my high expectations. I completely understand your reservations and this method would`nt work for you.I was able to audition my linestage prior to buying.Word of mouth impressions from owners is very insightful and of high value. Also 'certain' reviewers I`ve developed trust in over the years.

It`s a chance I`m willing to take and it has worked out very well for me,to each their own.If I limited myself to what`s only available in stores I`d missed out on some superb audio components.If you require audition before purchase then stick to it, I`m sure it has served you well.
I like your logic Charles. I will stick to buying gear the way that I am comfortable with, as I am sure many others do. There simply is too much stuff out there that is pure rubbish as far as I can tell. Reviewers can be biased (or bought!) and we don't really know who is lurking on these forums (for instance) either.
I read a few mags and go on-line to check up on stuff, but very often have been disappointed when I actually HEARD the products. I truly believe that everyone's ears are different and it comes down to what works for YOU!
"it comes down to what works for YOU!" Exactly!
Best Regards,
Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents worth. Even dealers have to initially buy a product they have never heard and hope it works, yes they buy at a much better price than the consumer but maybe only 25-30% better. (based on what a consumer gets as a discount). I've bought a ton of gear that was very expensive and just didn't get it. Example the Escalante Freemont speakers. I lost over 5K myself in selling them but hey that's just part of the business.
I bought the Ocellia cables without hearing them and after that well I now use a whole system of Ocellia cables.

(Dealer disclaimer).
Sksos1, do YOU sell Ocellia in your store (or am I reading this wrong?)? Where are you located? What other brands do you sell? I must admit that I am a bit skeptical about all of these relatively unknown brands and that I honestly can't hear the difference between any of the so-called "high-end" cables and what are considered "run-of-the-mill" brands (basic Audio Quest or Ultralink for instance), but I am always trying to find that ONE "magical" cable.
Lots of talk about other brands on Audiogon which, quite frankly, have left me thinking a lot of this is rubbish.
Doremifasol yes we sell Ocellia cables. If you haven't heard any differences from other well known cables then I'd tell you that most likely you will not hear differences with Ocellia....just being honest. I find them one of the most natural sounding cables but there are also much better like Prana cables but those would cost you a small fortune.
You can visit my site at www dot soundsofsilence dot com

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@Skos1; Nice products but you are a bit far from where I am! I live in Barrie, Ontario!
At least I appreciate that you don't wear a "mask" and you are on Audiogon as yourself!
I would suggest reading about MDI. The concept of Interface Micro Discharge is part of what drives the Ocellia brand and sound. It is now relatively common throughout Europe to build communication and audio products using techniques to combat MDI. This concept was developed by an engineer in the French telecommunication industry.

Basically the use of silver (which when oxidizes still conducts electricity unlike copper) and organic insulators including cotton based materials, minerals and rubber. Oyaide silver ends are used on the set I own.

Strangely North American manufacturers seem to be turning a blind eye to this theory but as others have stated the sound results of equipment and cables following anti-MDI procedures seems to be very repeatable and predictable.

I ended up buying 300B amplifiers, pre-amp, cables and speakers all from Ocellia who manufactures all the above in Montreal except the speakers (made in France) and for the most part sells direct where there are no dealers. The drivers (PHY) are now owned by Ocellia and the cabinets are made custom to order in France as well.

I have owned equipment from McIntosh, Mastersound, Moon, Tannoy Churchills, Atma-Sphere, Manley, Cary, PS Audio, Metrum and probably others I am forgetting.

I went to the TAVES show last year to hear Ocellia. Everything was Oceliia except the speakers which were ZU. I was blown away. I went the following day to see if I felt the same way. I was dumbfounded that the sound was much more flat and bass heavy! I then discovered the cables had all been switched to Kubala cables at multiple times the price! I knew immediately the effect and theory of MDI existed and Ocellia was onto something.

From that experience I then went to Montreal for a more intimate audition. At the end of that audition I ordered a complete system. I say this so you may take what you will from any comments I make from that reference.

I am so impressed by this hand built, home built, product that I offered up my living room in the Toronto, Ontario area for anyone to listen to Ocellia who did not want to travel to Montreal.

The problem with cables is they should never alter the sound of a system but there are so many poorly implemented components in the world that cables are often times used to fine tune for a weakness in a system. The problem is if you ever change a component, especially a weak component that was causing your initial dissatisfaction you will then be in another loop of cable replacement.

Ocellia cables do not alter a system's sound. They are simply revealing and pass through from one end to another. If the sound is not good with these cables in your system you need to look elsewhere than the cables. That can include components but also the room and where your system is positioned.

Having said all that I would suggest to anyone who is looking to get more out of their system to read Get Better Sound by Jim Smith. With his life long experience you could save a lot of money by utilizing the tips he has in his book and DVDs. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment trying to get that sound that gives you the emotional impact you are looking for and still be disappointed. Every room is different and every room will play on a system, the trick is to find the position for your speakers and equipment that best takes advantage of the room you have!

That then opens the door to Franck Tchang resonators and other goodies that effect sound and our environment that we listen to music in!

The Ocellia brand is not like other commercialized products. I doubt they will ever be in many dealer show rooms and their cables being hand built will never be mass produced. They are very special for systems that have the ability to reveal.
Tedsnapp I couldn't have said it better regarding Ocellia cables or speakers which is why I listen to them on a daily basis.

(Dealer disclaimer)
I own Coincident linestage and 300b SET amp driving Their speaker which is wonderful. Given my complete joy with the Ocellia cables(beautiful match in my system)I`d love to hear their speaker in my system.The model wirh the 12" PHY driver and twin tweeters.
Charles1dad that's the one I use it's called the Calliope.30 Twin Signature. Anytime anyone is up in cowhampshire they are more than welcome to stop by for a listen.
That speaker with a good quality SET must really sound quite special. I live in Michigan, if closer to you I`d sure accept your kind invitation.Does it use a crossover? My speaker has crossovers but there`s just a single cap at the tweeter(and no resistor) that`s it along with an inductor for the woofer. What do you think of Ocellia`s amplifiers? I love my Coincident components dearly but a full Ocellia system I imagine is excellent as well.There`s something to the anti MDI concept.
No the speaker uses no crossover. :-)