Ocellia 3 versus ANE SPE HE's

Any thoughts on preferences between these 2 high efficiency speakers
for use with a Kondo Ongaku amp.
If you using the Ongaku, I think the ANE is the synergy champ.....if you are not sold on speakers with no soundstage and only placed against the back wall....then go with the Ocellia's and let them sing in open, non damped room with lots of space around them.....two different concepts.
No soundstage? What are you smoking?
...that is the thing....nothing!
Prcinka I'm confused....are you saying the AN speakers have no soundstage? Or Ocellia no soundstage?
Does Ocellia require silver cable to sound it's best?
Having such an amplifier I would go definitely for big Tonian Labs TL-M1mkII. HUGE difference from Ocellias in every term. I have both in my house.
What are tthe differences/ They both use the PHY-12 driver correct? is one more natural/realistic than the other/
The Tonian speakers are MUCH MUCH better in terms of bass and high frequencies responce. Tony uses a very well made and sofisticated cabin made of the most expensive plywood in the world and about 1cm thick. Thus, while allows cabin to vibrate, prevents it from inappropriate vibration causing ambiguous bass responce and image presentation like Ocellias (3mm cabin thickness).
Thanks much Pentatonia for your impressions. I`ve yet to hear any negative or cautious comments regarding Tonian Lab speakers from those who`ve owned them. But man, are they hard to find and audition!