OC9 w/ AQ tonearm. Evil?

I have a VPI HW19 Mk 4 w/ a AQ PT7 and AT OC9 cartridge. I can see my speakers doing quite a subsonic mambo at the slightest warp and at the begining of every record. My TT is mounted on the wall so I know it's not feedback or footfalls. Is this just a bad combo? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
I just picked up an AT440 that I mounted on my PT-6 arm. My phono preamp (Bellari) has a rumble filter function that kicks in at 20 hz. This has always been left on. No freak outs at all on the midbass driver. Day 2 with new cartridge, I decide to turn the rumble filter off, lo and behold, it looks like the driver is going to fly out of the cabinet. Ran back to the Bellari in about 5 pico seconds to change it back. This experiment made me wonder if this cartridge would work at all if I didn't have that filter. I don't think it would, but I wish you luck. Just figured I'd explain this situation to you as it is similar. Hope this helps, Fishcat1